How To Manifest More Consistently This Year (Episode 58)

How To Manifest More Consistently

Have you been wondering how to manifest more consistently?

It is possible to quantum leap into the next chapter of your life by implementing some helpful manifestation hacks.

I invite you to join me for this podcast episode where I’m summing up the most powerful lessons I’ve learned in the past decad of experimenting with the law of attraction, spells and intention setting.

Today, a song came up in my master library on Spotify “10 Years Today by Bullet For My Valentine. I found myself thinking about the past, not only because it’s such an old song from my teen years, but also because it literally invites you to wonder what was ten years ago for you?

In the summer of 2009, it was the summer before my 2nd year of college, and I was laid up in the 2nd twin bed in my younger sister’s bedroom with severe depression, an eating disorder and a freshly broken collar bone… Probably listening to sad emo songs like “10 Years Today.”

Dramatic AF, I know… But what’s wildly different about my life today from 10 years ago, though is the fact that I’ve learned to channel that drama in a highly intentional way, and have empowered myself by doing so. Back then, I was a loose cannon.

I was in a terrifying transition between childhood and adulthood, with a religious upbringing and an existential crisis. And my family and friendships dynamic was changing at an alarming rate. I had NO understanding of what self development, mindset work, manifesting or energy balancing were, and I was a slave to my Ego’s emotions, fears and anxieties. Life was a rollercoaster, and I was wearing a blindfold with no way of knowing what was happening or how to handle any of it.

That’s not to say I didn’t have ambition, spirituality, rituals and a tendency to self-reflect… Those things were always there. But they were always coming from a place of pessimism, judgment, and anxiousness to survive in a world that seemed to be a threat in every way. I did not see myself as a god on earth, here to manifest their most fulfilling possible experience… I was a random rat in a maze, trying to prove my deservingness to not suffer, at the mercy of an angry god or a cutthroat society, or both.

I was a slave to everything, and I was at war with everything. In fact, the way I got injured that summer was by being run over by a car on my way to punish myself with extreme workouts at the park after binge eating and forcing myself the throw up, because I was at war with food, at war with my body, at war with how I wanted to be seen in the world, and so many more layers of BS (belief systems).

It would only be a couple of years more of this vicious cycle of hell on earth until I would reach a breaking point and have no choice but to change my beliefs at a core level.

since that time, I’ve been stepping deeper and deeper into my exploration of the possibility of life being a reflection of the way we choose to see it. And especially in this past 6 months, my findings in the realm of limitless possibility, instantaneous manifestation and pronoia, have been BREATHTAKING. It’s absolutely insane how much ease, flow, wealth and fulfillment (not to mention just PURE AMAZEMENT) can become your new “normal” when you learn the laws of the universe and how to make them work in your favor.

Now, I’m living in a luxury apartment getting paid to basically not have a job and to just explore the realm of creative possibility and connect with people about it on the internet while I plan my next big, exciting life quest… That’s pretty fucking incredible, especially considering what my reality looked like 10 years ago. It makes me wonder where I could be right now if I had discovered the magickal methods I’m using now, or if I had even placed myself in the company of people who where exploring these types of concepts years earlier…  I could be light years ahead of where I’m at now into my dream reality!

But regardless, the point is that the awesome thing about life is we can start WHENEVER.

It literally doesn’t matter at all that I’m only just starting to see this level of results and fulfillment after being on the magickal path for almost a decade. And it doesn’t matter that someone reading this right now might just be stepping onto the magickal path at all. And it also doesn’t matter if you’re like I was for so long, and have been dabbling in the occult for a while but are still getting really inconsistent results. It’s OKAY because you can literally just decide to start anew today!

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