How To Evoke Self Love (Podcast Episode 58)

How To Evoke Self Love

“Self Love” is such a buzz word these days… But what does it actually mean to love yourself?

And what if loving yourself is a bit of a challenge sometimes?

This self love ritual will help you remember why you play such an important role in this universe. And it will give you the energetic boost you need to show up as the god or goddess that you truly are.

In this video, I’m giving you my best tips on how to love yourself, or get your self-love back after going through challenging times. It includes an easy DIY self love spell candle tutorial.

You can turn any jar candle into a self love spell candle by infusing it with witchcraft. I suggest using a large candle so that you can incorporate the candle burning into your daily self love ritual as you build your self care routine. I hope you’ll try this easy confidence spell and step into your magick!

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