Why Aren’t My Manifestations Working? (Podcast Episode 59)

Why Aren't My Manifestations Working?

Are you wondering, “why aren’t my manifestations working?”

Does it feel like your attraction powers are hindered for some reason?

I’ll let you in on a little secret – I had my spiritual awakening about 8 years ago, and am only JUST stepping fully into a place where I have absolute certainty that it does work…

Now don’t get me wrong here… I’m not saying that for the past few years I’ve been fraudulently pretending to teach on a subject that I didn’t truly believe in. It’s not that at all.

It’s just that, although I believed whole heartedly that we could change our realities by changing our mindsets, I was still struggling to grasp some of the nitty gritty details of how to make manifestations happen quickly, easily and consistently.

You see, for me, it was a long, hard journey. One with many extreme highs and extreme lows. I was NOT that person you hear about on a podcast or YouTube video who just woke up one day and decided to try manifesting and turned their entire life into a fairytale overnight.

I’m not that person who picked up one book on manifestation and went from being homeless to having a million dollars and eighty thousand adoring fans on the internet in less than a year.

I’m not that person who goes around preaching that to manifest anything in the world instantly, all you have to do is “just decide.”

I’m not saying that the people telling those kinds of stories are lying to you necessarily. For some people it really does go that simply… But that being said, there are a lot of factors at play that most manifestation teachers are definitely not telling you… either because they want to persuade you to join their courses by telling you it will change your whole life in a few weeks, or simply because they don’t actually have the personal experience of knowing what it’s like to have to overcome wildly different challenges that some of us have to face along the road to success.

To be perfectly honest, I’ve actually gotten EXTREMELY frustrated, discouraged and offended by manifestation coaches who were telling me that the reason I was still struggling with certain goals was because I wasn’t “doing the work” of their program, or that I needed to “just decide” that my goal was going to manifest right away.

It super pissed me off, because at the time, I was paying these coaches thousands of dollars a month, doing their course work to the best of my ability, and being as clear as I possibly could about what I wanted to manifest.

In my eyes, I WAS doing the work. I WAS “just deciding.” I WAS doing everything in my power to follow their lead, but was still never seeming to manifest what I wanted anywhere near as quickly or easily as other people in the course were, and I was burning out.

A major turning point happened for me when I was in a spiritual business course, and the coach was talking about how to write a persuasive sales page. She was telling us to write as if you are 100% certain that you can guarantee that the people who buy your program will get the results they’re looking for… which in and of itself I feel is generally untrue.

One of my classmates asked, “well what about the clients I’ve had who didn’t get the results?” And our coach responded, “that means they didn’t really do the work. 100% of the people who do the work get the results.”

This royally pissed me off, because we were almost finished with the course, and I was literally an example of someone who wasn’t getting the results, and was doing all the work. WTF?

I’m not saying I didn’t get any value out of working with that coach. I actually got quite a bit out of it and learned a lot about myself in the process… but what I’m saying is, I feel that it’s kind of shitty and irresponsible of manifestation mentors (whether they’re teaching manifestation in the context of business or lifestyle or both) to go around spreading this idea that manifestation techniques work the exact same way for everyone 100% of the time, and that everyone should be able to manifest the same things at the same pace… or even that everyone is going to get ALL of their needs met by taking just one course or working with just one mentor.

In my experience, that has absolutely not been the case for me by any stretch of the imagination. I like to tell people that I live in a fairytale realm where everything in the Universe is rigged in my favor… and that’s true! But would I EVER tell you that the road to get here was super simple and easy, and that all I had to do was take one course or read one book or have a few calls with one mentor to get here? Hell freaking no!

Would I tell you that none of the “odds being rigged in my favor” ever take the form of a really challenging process of deprogramming and reprogramming my deep subconscious or manifesting things that were the exact opposite of what I wanted in order to learn through contrast via some extremely tough love from the Universe? Absofuckinglutely not!

The fact of the matter is, I’m living proof that getting to a place where things manifest fast and easy is not a one size fits all linear journey. For many of us, there are ups and downs, ins and outs to it, and sometimes, we have to learn our lessons and burn away our karmic baggage in a roundabout kind of way.

Something most law of attraction influencers NEVER go into is the fact that some people in this world have been through different things, come from different backgrounds, have different conditioning to work through based on the culture they grew up in, or have different energy types, different love languages, different soul paths, different kinds of desires, different motivating factors, and different learning styles, just to name a few of the widely variable factors that could be at play.

For example, something that I didn’t know earlier in my journey is that I’m what’s called a Projector in the human design system, which means that I quite literally manifest differently than 80% of the human population because the way I exchange energy with the world is different from the way most people do, and I had to learn how to understand and work with my unique human design strategy in order to stop getting stuck at the same closed doors all the time.

And then there’s astrology. Different people experience the world differently based on their unique astrological birth chart.

I was also raised with a different religion than most people in the western world, and actually grew up in an ethnocentric survivalist cult that deeply conditioned me from an early age with belief systems that are the exact opposite of what I study and practice and aspire to create in my adult life.

And when people say that the universal laws work the same way for everyone regardless of their race, gender or sexual orientation, that is technically true… but at the same time, we live in a world where not only are there still many barriers to entry for people based on the way other people perceive them based on their culture, but some people have also literally been conditioned for generations and generations to believe that life is hard for them or they’re not good enough to be accepted for who or what they are… I’m not saying that the universal laws don’t apply to them the same way, but they have SO MUCH more deep negative emotional, mental and energetic conditioning to un-do that their journey to shift their vibration might be a lot more complex.

Some of us have been so conditioned to believe that what we truly desire isn’t possible for us that we aren’t even consciously aware of what we really want and need, so when we first get into manifesting, we just try to go with similar things to what other people are telling us we should desire, and since our soul knows that isn’t really authentic to us, it seems like we’re having a harder time manifesting it than other people… and trust me, there’s a LOT of manifestation coaches out there trying to motivate you to follow their lead by distracting you with shiny objects.

Anyway, the point of this argument is not to bash other manifestation coaches, or to complain about my struggles, and it’s certainly not to discourage you or overwhelm you with the idea that your journey has to be hard, complicated and painstakingly long before you can start getting amazing results!

In fact, the entire reason we’re talking about this is because I don’t want you to have to go through the pain and frustration that I went through over the past 8 years! I want you to know that if manifesting hasn’t always been as easy as snapping your fingers and getting whatever you want, it absolutely does not mean that you suck at manifesting, or that it doesn’t work for you, or that there is anything at all wrong with you in the slightest!

I’m literally here to share my journey with you and help point you in the direction of what will GENUINELY inspire you, heal you, and get you into alignment with your highest desires and most authentically fulfilling fairytale life… whether that means my courses will be the ideal next step for you, or if something else I’ve picked up along my journey that I’m not currently teaching will be useful to you to look into elsewhere.

For example, I teach my Affluence Alchemy manifestation technique, which applies the principals of the five elements (earth, air, fire, water and spirit) to your real life goals, and my courses encompass everything from shadow work to tarot cards to moon phases to the wheel of the year, just to name a few modalities… and if you’re just getting started, or haven’t dove into any of those methods in a real down to earth way, I’m your girl!

But that being said, at the time this message is being published, I haven’t gone into much detail on teaching astrology, human design, or EFT tapping, which are modalities that have HUGELY benefited me along my journey, and I know that my ability to understand myself and approach my manifestation practice with that knowledge has been a total game changer as well.

What I’m saying is that the journey to become an expert manifestor will require different things for different people. For example, maybe someone who came from a privileged background, is a human design generator, and is already really in tune with what they truly desire will be able to take one basic manifesting course and start getting results really fast…

But then maybe someone else comes from a really rough past, is a human design reflector, and isn’t even sure what they ultimately want, because they’re aren’t many examples in society of other people living their desired lifestyle yet… That person might need to take the basic manifesting course, listen to a podcast about their human design type, see an emotional healing therapist, learn EFT tapping on youtube, and manifest in a weird round about way by experimenting with different desires before arriving at the life they really want to have.

But here’s the good news! We are all on our own trip, man!

Your journey is meant to be beautiful in it’s own unique way! Otherwise, how freaking boring would life be?

I actually believe that each of us is born with a different purpose. Like maybe the person in the first example above was born to get good at manifesting really quickly and easily so that they could be an example to other people that conscious manifestation is even an option.

And maybe the person in the 2nd example was born to carve out a whole new path in the world for people who are different, and even though their journey is longer and more complex, it ends up becoming an INCREDIBLY inspiring story that changes people’s lives who otherwise would have never believed it was possible for them.

To be honest, I believe I’m one of those people in the later example. I’m blessed in that nothing TRULY horrible has ever happened to me, and I’m a Projector, so society is slightly more compatible with my energy type than say a the Reflector we used in the example above… but I’m definitely not your vanilla love and light manifestation mentor.

I’m here to speak for the weird kids. I’m here to navigate through mental and emotional territories that were rarely explored. I’m here to translate the deep esoteric shit into modern manifesting hacks for our generation. I’m here to show artists they deserve to get paid to do what they actually love and are actually good at. I’m here to show Projectors they’re not here to work all day, and that they shouldn’t be called lazy for that. I’m here to show minorities and people who don’t fit in or didn’t come from an affluent background that they can do this shit too. I’m here to show women that they don’t have to continue the same unconscious relationship and family patterns that society used to expect for them. I’m here to show people who were raised in survivalist cults that the world is actually an abundant place and that religious aliens aren’t going to come down in space ships and select only the most hardworking, selfless, righteous people to escape the planet before it explodes in God’s angry wrath…

Okay, maybe that one’s just me.

Anyway guys, enjoy your journey. It’s yours. It’s unique. It’s going to make an epic story one day, and don’t forget that you actually CAN make it fun, even through the challenges if you just commit to be loving and patient with yourself the whole way, to follow your bliss, and to make it an exciting game to learn everything you can about the Universe, rather than just trying to race to a false finish line that someone else defined….

Oh, and also, don’t forget to be willing to invest in your self by paying an expert to give you the shortcuts. Regardless of whether or not any one book, course or mentorship will be the ‘magick pill” that makes everything perfect for you all at once, or if you’re meant to cherry pick from many amazing sources of support and inspiration like I do, please know that there are people out here who have made it our life’s work to test out modalities and simplify them for you so that your journey can be faster, easier and wayyyyyy more fun than ours where when we were stumbling in the dark through trial and error back in the day before this kind of information was readily available.

Thanks again for listening, and I’m wishing you the easiest, fastest and most fun manifestations, and may your story be one that inspires others to go for their dreams too! Because your desires are not pipe dreams of a fairytale that will never exist – they’re premonitions of the life you’re meant to have when you step into your magick.

Blessed be.

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