Hosting And Attending In Person Rituals (Podcast 156 With Elizabeth Whitare)

Attending And Hosting In-Person Rituals At Rising Goddess With Elizabeth Whitacre

Have you ever dreamed of owning or working in an IRL witchy shop witch a black cat familiar as the shop pet, and where local pagans could meet in person for enchanted rituals?

I did! When I was a pre-teen, I visited my first witchy shop and dreamed of being a witchy business owner someday.

My version of the dream became an online brand, but my friend Elizabeth Whitacre is currently living that brick and mortar shop dream!

Liz is the owner of Divination Station, her personal brand based around tarot readings and teaching. And she’s also the manager at Rising Goddess, a brick and mortar metaphysical shop in Buffalo New York. She and the owner, Tina are on a mission to not only provide the area with quality, unique supplies, but also to create community.

For this episode of the Alchemy Of Affluence Podcast, I took a fun fieldtrip to Rising Goddess, which is only a short drive from where I live. We got to hang out one on one and record this chat with their adorable black cat named Trixie. In this conversation, Liz and I will be talking about:

  • How we’ve both gone through the process of over-complicating our witchy practices to then re-connect with the seasons and re-simplify our path.
  • How we work with the Elements in relation to our local seasonal energies, rather than subscribing to the traditional “rules” of correspondences.
  • How Rising Goddess manifested their perfect shop cat.
  • Rabbit and hare magick and it’s significance for the Ostara/Spring Equinox season.
  • What it’s like to host public rituals for the sabbats.
  • Balancing navigating capitalism as a business owner with standing for the causes we believe in.
  • The importance of creating a welcoming environment and holding space for people to explore in the magickal community.
  • Choosing our own “new year” season intuitively.
  • Using the wheel of the year as a tracker of time and an invitation for checking in with our intuition.
  • Working with the sabbats as a time for celebration and reflection, and the esbats (or full moons) for magickal workings.
  • The differences between practicing solitary vs. attending a group ceremony.

So we invite you to cuddle up with the nearest cat, if you have one, and join us for this special in-person episode of the Alchemy Of Affluence Podcast.

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