Ostara Craft: Dollar Tree DIY Egg Ornaments & Irish Boxty Recipe!

Dollar Tree DIY Ostara Ornaments

The Spring Equinox, AKA Ostara is just around the corner…

Have you decorated yet?

If you’re still looking for ideas, this Dollar Tree DIY is a fun, crafty activity that will make your spring decor look really fancy even though it’s super budget friendly!

And, for a quick announcement, I invite you to join me and some of my witchy friends for a free workshop on spring spells and witchy self care for Ostara, where I’ll be teaching you how to use these egg ornaments as magickal spell tools!

In this video, I invite you to spend the day with me crafting, decorating and cooking for a witchy start to spring! I’ll be showing you not just the dollar store DIY, but also an eco-friendly version of the craft you can do with real eggshells, and my new favorite spring recipe – Irish boxty inspired potato pancakes!

So grab a nice cup of tea and let’s make some magick!

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