I Asked 40 Witches “What Is Magick” And Here’s What Happened… (Podcast Episode 148)

I Asked 40 Witches To Define Magick and What Is A Witch

I Asked 40 Witches To Define “Witch” and “Magick”…

In a recent video, I defined for you my personal definitions of the words “witch” and “magick.”

And at the end of that video, I promised you I would go back through my archives and gather for you a compilation of what those words have meant to the many magickal mavens I’ve interviewed on the Alchemy Of Affluence Podcast these past four and a half years!

It began back in 2018 when I realized I how many amazingly magickal people I was meeting through my witchy life and business – And wanted to both give more people a platform to share their message, and to bring these empowering messages to as many listeners as possible.

I invite you to join me for an enchanting trip down memory lane to hear from folks like Laura Daligan, Joanna DeVoe, Veronica Varlow, Molly Roberts, Nathaniel Solace and many more on their personal definitions of words like “witch” and “magick” – And how they’ve embraced (or not embraced) these terms to step into their personal power.

And I invite you to stay tuned to the end to hear a clip from the fun inside-out episode where a guest actually comes on and interviews me for my own podcast! Brew yourself a cup of hot cocoa or mulled wine, and lets cozy up for a montage of magickal messages!

Full Episodes:

Laura Daligan

Joanna DeVoe

Ashera DeRosa

Kristen Jett

Genicca Whitney

Rachel Marie Intuitive

Kelly Marcyniuk

Flora Ware

Luchiana Lyra

Jonita D’Souza

Mikayla Jai

Krystal Alexander-Hille

Molly Roberts

Martina Fink

Monica Woodhams

Nikki Brocco

Rachel Cencess & Michel Alund

Ryane Lew

Nathaniel Solace

Sean Marciniak

Sistah Don

Papaya Day Truly

Sonya Highfield

Sofi VonMarricks

Srimatia Arya

Veronica Varlow

Ardelia Lee

Noemi Capote

Taiha Lee Perron

Alegna Moss

Tenae Stewart

Evie Watts

Thuja Clearwater

Neha Jha

Trish Golderer

Jamie Cressend

Abby Spindelman

Amber-Lee Lyons

Shelby Melissa

Emily Shuff

Jessica Karels

Afura Neferiti Fareed

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