How To Work With Our Ancestors At Samhain (Podcast 147 With My Mom)

How To Work With Our Ancestors…

Even if you’re not into spirit work!

If you were to ask me where I first get my natural witchiness from, I’d tell you I got it from my mother… Even though she doesn’t resonate with the word ‘witch’ lol!

Labels aside, my mom is definitely a highly magickal person, and in this episode of the Alchemy Of Affluence Podcast, I’m finally sharing an interview with her! With November’s Eve season well underway, I thought this week was the perfect time to share this recording we did when I visited my mother last winter.

My mom, Lisa, has always had what she calls a “photographic memory,” being able to remember the acute details of things that took place many moons ago. She’s also an epic storyteller and our self-proclaimed family historian.

She’s living out her natural talents and passions both in her “day job” work with historic preservation, and in her blossoming hobby of piecing together the stories of the past through ancestry research.

How To Work With Ancestors At Samhain (Podcast With My Mom)

We invite you to join us for this discussion about:

  • “Photographic memory”
  • The concept of the “djeli or griot” – The West African community storyteller.
  • Some of our family ancestry.
  • Hunting for family history using document research now available online.
  • The power of looking to our family history for shadow work – To better understand and appreciate some of our own experiences and tendencies.
  • My mom’s and grandmother’s intuitive gifts.
  • Rediscovering the lost history of African American families.
  • The link between ancestry, cultural heritage and manifestation.
  • My mom’s beliefs about ancestor spirit guides on the other side of the veil.
  • A spooky folktale that relates to one of my ancestors, and more!

We invite you to grab some tea or cider (or mine and my mom’s mutual favorite – wine!) and join us by my mom’s cozy fireplace for this magickal conversation.

So, what is your experience with ancestral work?

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