Seasonal Manifesting And The Spiritual Science Of Cyclical Living (Podcast 145 With Ashera Star Goddess)

Seasonal Manifesting And The Spiritual Science Of Cyclical Living

Did you know that celebrating the sabbats on the Wheel Of The Year isn’t just about decorating, cooking and setting up an altar?

It’s also a powerful manifesting tool that we can tap into to design the life of our dreams.

In this episode of the Alchemy Of Affluence Podcast, I’ve invited Ashera Star Goddess to share some of her wisdom on how to manifest using the power of seasonal alchemy. Ashera is a manifestation mentor on YouTube, and she teaches the power of spiritual science.

By better understanding how the Universe works, we’re able to both expand and simplify our spiritual practice to focus on the things that are most fulfilling and effective.

Seasonal Manifesting Podcast With Ashera Star Goddess

We invite you to sit in on our chat today where we’re talking about:

  • The expansive power of thinking of the cycle of the year as a spiral vs. a wheel of the year.
  • Spiritual science and the sacred geometry of manifestation.
  • Journaling rituals and the power of building evidence of your own power through gratitude.
  • The power of teaching others as you’re learning what you need yourself.
  • Some tips on teaching kids to manifest, while also benefiting from the pure manifesting power that children have.
  • Manifesting with seasonal alchemy and some manifesting and spell work tips for the Samhain season.

We invite you to pour yourself a cup of something cozy and join us for this magickal conversation.

So what are your thoughts about the topics we touched upon in this conversation?

I would love to know what your experience has been with seasonal manifesting, spiritual science, or literally anything else that this conversation may have sparked in your mind.

I invite you to let me know in the comments.

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