Cyclical Living To Feel Connected With Nature (Podcast 141 With Flora Ware)

Cyclical Living (Podcast With Flora Ware)

What is “cyclical living?”

A seasonal living lifestyle can help us feel connected with nature.

Especially for those of us who’s ancestors are not originally from the land where we live now, it can be quite difficult to feel a sense of belonging, and it can affect our lives and manifestation journeys.

I invite you to join me and my friend Flora Ware (ceremonial priestess, cyclic living speaker, author pagan songstress and founder of EarthSong Temple) for a chat about cyclic living.

We’re chatting about:

  • How earth-based spirituality helps us experience more of a balanced life with a sense of belonging.
  • How we have multiple spiritual awakenings and re-awakenings throughout our path and practice.
  • How seasonal living can help immigrants and the decedents of immigrants to feel more connected to both their ancestry and the land they currently live on.
  • The expansive power of perceiving the seasonal cycle as a spiral, rather than just a circle.
  • Some musings about the ancient and modern origins of the sabbats on the Wheel Of The year, and how we use it to both honor the past while creating the future.
  • How to feel connected to nature regardless of where you live.
  • Flora’s “Holy Trinity of Cyclic Living.” (Inspiration, ceremony and embodiment).

Watch or listen:

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