Using Human Design And Astrology For Success With Neha Jha (Podcast Episode 119)

Human Design And Astrology Podcast With Neha Jha

In this episode of the Alchemy Of Affluence Podcast, I’m joined by Neha Jha to talk about human design and astrology, and how to use these systems to create a successful life.

Neha is a certified master life & success coach, hypnotherapist and reiki teacher.

It’s her mission to help “decolonize” Human Design (and other self-help systems) by being trauma informed so that we’re no longer perpetuating patterns of harm.

She’ll be sharing with us the basics of how each Human Design aura type works, and how to combine this system with your astrology to optimize your success.

Human Design And Astrology Podcast With Neha Jha

In this episode, we’ll be diving into:

  • What are the human design types, and how do their auras work?
  • Neha’s personal perspective on being a human design manifesting generator.
  • Neha’s advice for me on being a human design projector.
  • More about your human design chart and your natal chart.
  • The problem with human design – some thoughts on the system’s origins and how to use it as an empowerment tool, rather than a way to limit people.

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