7 Sacraments Of The Goddess – Divine Feminine Wisdom With Sarah Grady (Alchemy Of Affluence Podcast Episode 117)

Podcast Episode 118 - 7 Sacraments Of The Goddess With Sarah Grady

In this episode of the Alchemy Of Affluence Podcast, I’m joined by divine feminine counselor Sarah Grady.

She’s a birth and postpartum doula, Qoya teacher, author and channel of the 7 Sacraments of the Goddess.

Her brand, “Queen” focuses on goddess awakening to discover the divine feminine intuition. With Mary Magdalene as her guide, Sarah created her women’s circle, “The Seven Sacraments Of The Goddess.” It is a sisterhood that helps women to slow down so they can tap into their intuition and feminine energy.

Sarah and I are also chatting about how a spiritual awakening can change the way one lives their life. Sarah was raised Irish Catholic, and has now evolved onto her own divine feminine spiritual path. This episode includes lots of interesting facts about ancient matriarchal religious systems, and we’re also sharing with you all seven Sacraments Of The Goddess!

So many women struggle more than necessary in life due to having been conditioned not to trust our divine feminine intuition. Sarah’s mission is to help us rediscover our true selves again. Whether you came from a Christian background or not, this discussion is so inspiring!

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