How Keeping A Seasonal Grimoire Journal Changed My Life (Podcast Episode 114)

How Keeping A Seasonal Grimoire Has Changed My Life

Keeping a seasonal grimoire has been one of the most empowering practices on my witchy path.

It keeps me grounded and prompts me to grow in the ways that will benefit me the most.

In 2020 when everything was “uncertain,” I turned to the magickal modality that I could always count on, and it helped me expand into my next level self.

I invite you to watch, listen or read on to hear my story – And an invitation to journal your way to a more fulfilling life this year!

I invite you to join me for story time about how I rediscovered the Wheel of the Year in the craziness of 2020.

You’re curious to know how these magical concepts can actually create real, tangible results in your life, and you might be looking for examples on what that actually looks like – The stories that have actually come full circle and have a true lesson within them to be shared.

I have been practicing and exploring the magickal arts and self development modalities for many years now…

And even though that’s been really amazing (because it’s really and truly one of my biggest passions) it’s also easy to get kind of thrown off from listening to your own intuition when you’re listening to all of these different ideas coming from different places.

In late 2019 – early 2020, things really got kind of off kilter. I realized I was tired of being in a pattern of trying to learn and do “all of the things.” I decided to return to the simplicity of just observing the seasons. In a world of “uncertainty,” I needed something that I knew I could depend on. And the one thing that I knew would soothe, calm, relax me and give me a sense of consistency and stability, was just simply choosing to take notice of the changing of the seasons, and allowing myself to process my emotions – Whatever that would end up looking like.

This is the story of how that actually put me on a new and exciting path of rediscovering my purpose as an artist, as a witch and as a mentor. So I hope this inspires you to explore what working with the seasons can do for you as we are evolving into this next chapter of our lives.

Wheel Of The Year Diagram

So, what is magic really?

Spoiler alert: It isn’t always formal rituals around a cauldron, or aesthetic photoshoots in the woods (although there are certainly places in times for that)!

90% of the time, my most powerful magic takes place in the form of self reflection that accumulates into dramatic life transformations.

Ever since I was a little girl, I loved writing down my thoughts about myself and my observations of the world – And then looking back to see how I’ve grown and changed over the course of a year, or in what ways I had stayed the same.

One thing that’s always stayed true for me is that I always relate to the changing seasons in similar ways each year and use their cycle to guide my life somehow, regardless of what wildly different things might be happening in my life from one year to the next. And of course after discovering the Wheel of the Year on my witchy path, the combination of celebrating the seasons, journaling and manifesting have become some of the cornerstones of my life, my spiritual practice and my career.

But I have to admit, even though this wisdom has been with me for quite a long time now, I haven’t always been a master of it. There have been times when I was out of alignment, when I had gotten “shiny object syndrome” and I tried to do all of the magick and manifesting modalities. I got overwhelmed and depressed and fell off the path. I felt like there was a total rock bottom moment where absolutely nothing seemed to be going my way.

I was taking all the magick, personal development, manifestation and “boss babe” courses that I could possibly find. And I couldn’t figure out for the life of me why I wasn’t getting the desired results. I felt totally unsupported by the Universe and out of place in the world. I was so busy trying to do all the things that I no longer was even giving myself permission to just simply be. I felt like I had lost sight of who I was or what was even good for me. And something had to change immediately.

Painting By Christian Schloe

…Only, I’d already tried everything to fix myself, right?


The thing is I had tried everything to “fix myself” … Except for just being me.

And what really did “being me” entail, anyway? To discover that, I had to ask myself, “what would my Inner Child want to be doing that could actually help me reconnect with my true self, my core values and my core desired feelings?

Well, duh… Observing the seasons and using my journal as a place of free expression!

Over those past years of adulting super hard, my practice had become a dry pattern of listening to other people’s influence on what I was supposed to be manifesting, and consuming as much content as possible on how to be “successful.” And my journal had turned into a place to just do homework and make lists and repeat affirmations to myself the same way every morning. All of this was a valuable experience that has contributed to my overall wisdom. But it had all become a chore and something was clearly missing.

Wheel of the year grimoire pages
Printable (or pre-printed) Wheel Of The Year grimoire pages

So in crazy old 2020, I finally hit a wall and gave myself permission to play again – Turning to the one thing that I did feel was consistently inspiring and supportive at the time, the nature of the seasons.

I began growing a garden on my urban patio and journaling out there every day while observing what nature could be found in this less than “perfect” environment.

I journaled through the fear, through the uncertainty, through the noise of a world in pandemic and civil unrest (overlooking tons of tightly packed apartments and four lanes of traffic) and through the noise of my own traumatized ego.

And slowly but surely, the moments of peace, serenity and gnosis stopped being so few and far between. And I started to remember who I really was underneath all the conditioning. I started to be inspired again.

I found myself truly able to lean into the uncertainty of the world by becoming more certain of myself. And I made a game out of letting anything and everything that wasn’t truly me fall away, creating space for new possibilities. I stopped trying to do all the things “correctly” and started trusting myself to just do them authentically instead.

And before my eyes, my entire view of reality changed, bringing in rapid and miraculous material manifestations as well.

It was like the scattered puzzle pieces of my life and work finally clicked into place just in the natural course of journaling with prompts from the seasons.

And it hit me that this always was my true calling and my true work in the world, wasn’t it? Making the seasonal self reflection practices accessible to all in a simplified non-dogmatic way!

I went back into my old coaching content from the School Of Seasonal Secrets program that I had taught years prior. And I started doing the same prompts again myself – Updating the page designs and adding them to fun, beautiful junk journals! And my new program, Your Book Of Seasons was born!

Simply returning to seasonal journaling with a fun twist of playfulness has completely shifted me from rock bottom to super aligned with my vision for a better world. And I want to let this magick benefit more people! That’s why I’m inviting you to join me on this journey.

Are you also looking to connect with myself and other magickal mavens as you embody your most fulfilled version of yourself this season?

If so, I’d love to invite you to join our Late Summer Seasonal Living Challenge!

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Thank you so much for being the magical person that you are and until next time,

Blessed be,

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