The Philosophy Of Cycles With Marriage And Family Therapist Ashera DeRosa (Podcast Episode 113)

The Philosophy Of Cycles Podcast With Ashera DeRosa

In this episode of the Alchemy Of Affluence Podcast, we’re joined by guest speaker Ashera DeRosa, a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, an author, a witch and one of my very best friends!

She was inspired to pursue her marriage and family therapist career by observing psychological and emotional cycles in herself and others.

Here in the spiritual community, we like to look at cycles of the Universe to aid in our journey of manifesting a fulfilling life.

But what we may sometimes forget is that as humans, we have our own versions of cyclical growth, and in order to get out of our own way, we need to look at our own psychological patterns, not just moon phases and the wheel of the year. That’s what this podcast will help you to better understand.

Ashera’s recently opened an online business, hosting workshops that bring marriage and family therapy so that it’s accessible to more people who perhaps haven’t heard of this kind of work before. As an MFT Therapist, Ashera’s mission is to provide a safe environment for people to heal, grow and have healthy relationships, even if they’re following an alternative life path like witches, non-traditional gender oriented people, and more.

It is the mission of Ashera’s practice, Whole Stories Therapy to provide high-quality, inclusive therapy for adults and adolescents that will create a positive effect in client’s lives, relationships, families, and communities. By creating an open and empathetic space, clients are encouraged to dismantle limiting beliefs, heal from trauma, and create healthier narratives for themselves so they may live their very best lives. 

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