Elements Of Fulfillment: Spirit (Podcast Episode 110)

Elements Of Fulfillment Spirit

In alchemy, Spirit is the Element that encompasses all four of the other Elements within it, while also transcending them in a way…

It is that energy that’s difficult to explain, but we all know is there – Flowing through every aspect of existence and tying everything together.

This episode of the Alchemy Of Affluence Podcast is the final installment of our Elements Of Fulfillment discussion series, featuring my co-host, Abby Spindelman.

This episode was recorded in January 2021, the week after the violent attack on the US capital by supporters of the former president, and we’re processing some collective trauma around that in the conversation.

We believe the world is going through a spiritual awakening, and that both dogmatism and “spiritual bypassing” are being challenged as Spirit holds space for traumas to be healed.

We’re taking a closer look at how human beings experience duality between “light” and “dark” so we can heal within and heal society.

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