Tangible Benefits Of Seasonal Living (Podcast Episode 109)

Benefits Of Seasonal Living For Witches

Are you curious about the real world benefits of seasonal living?

Learning to live our lives in harmony with the seasonal energies of the eight sections of the Wheel Of The Year is the key to manifesting a fulfilling lifestyle.

It isn’t just about decorating with seasonal colors and dreaming about what went on in ancient witchy rituals long past…

When we identify the universal themes of each of the seasons and respond to a few journal prompts along the way, we have the ability to free ourselves of the afflictions of the patriarchal way of life and relax into a feminine flow of creativity while manifesting our desires the easy way.

I invite you to join me for this episode of the Alchemy Of Affluence Podcast where I’m sharing 16 real life ways to harness the energy of the witch’s calendar to feel freer, more clear on your purpose, and more empowered to take inspired action to create the lifestyle you desire.

(This is a Part 2 to last week’s episode, which you can find HERE).

A Year And A Day: Your Book Of Seasons - Seasonal Living Grimoire Guide (Course)

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