How To Write Incantations (Podcast Episode 81)

How To Write Incantations, Mantras and Affirmations

Magick is the power to write your own story. And it all starts with a word.

Here are some witchy tips and manifestation hacks that will show you how to write incantations that reprogram your subconscious mind.

We’ve all heard “double, double toil and trouble,” and “bibbity bobbity boo,” but did you know that incantations work in real life?

As we all know, magick in the real world its not usually as simple as just saying the magick words and then watching glittery purple smoke turn your pumpkin into a coach in seconds right before your very eyes…

REAL witches know that magick often takes time, practice, and deep inner transformation to manifest into the physical…

And it all relies heavily on our ability to stay in tune with the energy of our desire, rain or shine.

To me, magick is (almost) all psychological, so a healthy relationship between the conscious and subconscious mind is pretty much the best tool we have for manifesting the life we truly desire to have!

This podcast/blog will walk you through a step by step tutorial on how to write incantations… so you can craft your desires into the perfect words of power and manifest your best life!

Handcrafted journals and writing wands by The Writing Witch
Handcrafted journals and writing wands by The Writing Witch

In the self-development world, we call them “affirmations.” In the New Age community, they’re referred to as “mantras.” Others call them “power words” or “prayers.”

Whatever you choose to call it, it’s extremely empowering when we choose to occupy our thoughts with conscious intention.

We are the grand sum of the thought patterns of our subconscious mind, so any time we catch our mind going down that old familiar path of negative BS (belief systems) that are no longer serving us, we can use this tool to re-route!

Any words of power that clearly embody the energy you wish to evoke can be used as a mantra.

You can figure out what words of power you need at this point in your journey by brainstorming words that describe how you desire to feel. For example, say I desire to feel LOVING of myself and others, TRUSTING in myself and in the Universe, and EMPOWERED to make the healthiest decisions for myself in the year ahead.

To create a mantra, all I have to do is state “I AM” before each word of power. Using the words I chose above, my mantra might be, “I am loving. I am trusting. I am empowered.”

This is already a great start for focusing the mind on the right things to attract a higher vibe life… But the mind sometimes bores quickly of really simple concepts like that. It starts to question them. Sooo we can give the mind an even more convincing story by getting more specific, for example:

“I am loving of myself and others. I trust in The Universe and I trust in myself. I am empowered to be my best self.”

Memorizing a detailed “I am” statement, and repeating it whenever you feel you need a reminder of your core desired feelings, is insanely useful! But we can still go even deeper with this practice.

Handmade Writing Wands and Grimoire Journals

Once we know our core desired feelings, we can sculpt them unto sentences that describe a specific situation we’re currently navigating through. Take a season for example. I’ve fashioned my core desired feelings into a conviction for the Summer ahead:

“I enter into Summer with perfect love and perfect trust. I take energetic responsibility for the direction of my own life. Magick is the power to write my own story, and here I am, with pen in hand.”

I took phrases that describe my desire which also evoke certain connotations from my culture. (The definition of “culture” is “way of life,” by the way). “

Perfect love and perfect trust” is a popular phrase from the witchy community, for example, so using it makes me feel “witchy” in fun way.

Taking energetic responsibility for the direction of my own life” is the definition I came up with to describe what it means to be a witch.

And a motto of my brand is “Magick is the Power to Write Your Own Story.”

So the combination of all these connotations evoke feelings of truth and power in both my conscious and subconscious mind.

Crystal Writing Wand Pen Yellow
Crystal Writing Wand Pen

…But wait, there’s MORE!

The reason so many stereotypically “witchy” spells are spoken in rhyme is because rhymes are easier and more engaging to memorize and repeat.

Something about rhyming words really gets the attention of the subconscious mind, which is also why we teach rhymes to children. The subconscious mind us very much like child, so lets have some fun with it:

“This Midsummer time, I know I must,

With perfect love and perfect trust,

Make the most of this time of year.

I lead with love and conquer fear.

I own my lessons and hone my power

That my goals shall blossom like a flower.

Witchy, wealthy, worthy and wise,

I clear out old energy and watch myself rise.

Magick is the power to write my own story.

With pen in hand, I map out my glory.”

See, that was just so much more enchanting, wasn’t it! And, trust me, going through the steps to craft your incantation is TOTALLY worth it, because the experience of it is a sort of ritual that gets you really up close and personal with where you’re at and where you desire to be!

Use this process to craft incantations for every area of your life and business, and turn to them any time you feel triggered by remnants of your outdated life story… And don’t forget to also repeat them when you’re experiencing evidence of your goals coming into fruition, too! Don’t be a fair weather witch!

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