What Does It Mean To Be A Witch? (Podcast Episode 80)

what does it mean to be a witch podcast episode

If you ask 10 witches “what does it mean to be a witch?” you will get 16 different answers!

I’ve heard it said that there are as many kinds of witches as there are people who consider themselves to be witches.

The fact of the matter is, a witch can kind of be anything a they want!

Part of the point of being a Witch is to play by your own rules, so, of course, we’re all special and unique in our own ways!

This podcast epsiode/blog post is an exploration of what makes a witch from my perspective, and some ideas on the definition of magick.

Afura wearing a witch hat

My path and practice are ever changing, but the one definition that seems to always ring true for me is that being a Witch is about taking energetic responsibility for the direction of one’s own life. It’s about being aware of the delicate dance between our own power of will and the seemingly chaotic flow of universal energies. It’s about seeing that we are intelligent, but are part of nature, and therefore must figure out how to live in harmony with it while still feeling a sense of sovereignty and purpose.

My Psycho-Spiritual Approach To Witchcraft

Unlike many in the witchy/pagan/new age community, my practice is really not based around veneration of any particular gods or goddesses. I don’t as much work with “spirits” or ancestors or faeries, either.

My “spirit guides” are pretty much:

  • The Universe at large (which I think of as one big divinely intelligent machine).
  • My own “Higher Self” (the non-ego part of myself that is intrinsically connected to the All).
  • And any kindred spirits (human, animal, plant, elemental energy) that helps teach me along my path.

To me, the Universe is one big thing, and each of us is just a cell in that giant organism.

In my perspective (which is always subject to change), there are some “universal truths,” but for the most part, all beliefs are temporary means to an end. That “end” is putting things into context to feel a sense of purpose and connection to the overall flow of the Universe. That can take a million different forms, because it’s all completely contingent on our personal experiences.

I do tend to believe in the Hermetic principals including the Law of Attraction, so I feel that our beliefs “attract” evidence to support our personal truth. By knowing that belief is a temporary tool to aid us along the journey of mystery, it liberates us from falling too far into limiting belief systems.

Magick is the power to write your own story quote by Afura Nefertiti

I guess, in order to define “Witch,” I also have to touch on the meaning of the term “Magick.”

Again, this is another one that has a million and one meanings, but, for myself, I’ve sort of simplified it into the phrase, “Magick is the power to write your own story.”

Along my journey, I discovered my Magick when I became fed up with having my life dictated to me by others, or by my past limiting stories and belief systems. I stepped into my own power when I realized that every day is a new “rebirth,” with the possibility to change my patterns for the better.

Sure, co-creating with the rest of the Universe can be tricky, but being “magickal” is about owning my role as the co-writer of my own story. Rather than playing the martyr or the victim, as I had done earlier in life, I found my magick when I decided to fully own my responsibility for where I was in life.

Afura writing in a journal with books on garden bench

What is “Co-Creating” With The Universe?

When I say that I’m a “pagan witch,” but that I don’t work with personified deity or “spirits,” people often wonder what exactly I mean.

Well, I work with a combination of energy and psychology. I’m “woo-woo” enough to acknowledge the idea that “energy” is a thing, but I’m “logical” enough to know that the only way to work with that energy in order to manifest an intention is to use wisdom and take ACTION.


For me, magick is about knowing thyself, knowing the Universe, and working in tandem with the natural energies to steer my life where I desire for it to go.

I am humble enough to understand that my ego identity is just a tiny part of this giant machine, but I’m sovereign enough to recognize that I am part of the Universe, therefore, I am a goddess. Mine may be just one of many Universal perspectives, but the Universe expands through my experience, and I’ve chosen to OWN that honorable position. I believe we are all gods in human form.

Afura outdoors with autumn witch hat and pumpkin

I’m interested in studying the spirituality, history, and science of every culture, but no one pre-established “religious” or spiritual system has ever fully been the be-all-end-all of “truth” to me. My path is always one of exploration and expansion. My ultimate goal in life is to overcome my own perceived shortcomings and leave a “breadcrumb trail” for others to raise their level of wisdom, happiness, health, and fulfillment in their own way.

It’s when we dare to dream and take action on that dream by working in harmony with the Universal energies around us that the magick happens!

So, what does being a Witch mean to YOU?

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6 thoughts on “What Does It Mean To Be A Witch? (Podcast Episode 80)

  1. I love your description of what being a witch means to you and I relate to so much of it. I participated in the 5 Days of October Book of Challenge and for me being a witch isn’t about spells and big rituals. It is being in tune with nature and myself. Of growing my intuition and then listening to it. To me that is where the magick is.

  2. I’ve just discovered your youtube channel and blog. I LOVE what you’ve shared so far, and really appreciate your discerning and grounded perspective. I’d never really taken the Wheel of the Year seriously, but after this I’ve signed up for your email course and am looking forward to re-evaluating my relationship with the Wheel.

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