The Magick Of Story Telling With Monica Woodhams (Podcast Episode 32)

The Power Of Storytelling (Podcast With Monica Woodhams)

Magick is having the power to write (or tell) your story in a way that creates your desired reality.

How you go about the magickal art of storytelling can take different forms depending on your gifts, desires and phase of life.

Podcasting is just one example of this!

I invite you to join me and Monica Woodhams for a chat about the power of storytelling in various forms, including how to get started podcasting!

Rather than locking herself into a permanent job title, Monica leaves wiggle room to follow her soul’s calling and serve her community in whatever way calls to her most while inspiring people to use their story to create a magickal and influential narrative in their life.

We’re chatting about:

  • How all spiritual paths share the same concepts with different labels.
  • How anything can be a life-changing sign… Even salsa and chips.
  • Using your Spotify playlist as a manifestation tool.
  • What to do if your “dream job” doesn’t end up being all that dreamy.
  • The beauty of allowing your business to evolve as you evolve.

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