Harnessing Aquarius Energy For Reinvention During Imbolc Season

Aquarius season falls between January 19th to February 18th, and whether or not it’s your Sun sign, anyone can harness it’s energy for reinvention.

This zodiac season contains the witchs’ sabbat known as Imbolc or February’s Eve on February 1st.

It’s the midway mark between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox, baking it the perfect time to start integrating our New Year’s resolutions.

I invite you to join myself and my witchy bff, Ashera to chat about:

  • Goddess Brigid the divine feminine representation in Celtic Christianity
  • The period around the Winter Solstice can be a time of massive change, or it can be a that lull before the breakthrough.
  • Runes and tarot cards that hold the wisdom of February’s Eve season.
  • My manifestation story of how I set the intention to receive an upgraded home.
  • Love magick and witchy dating stories.
  • Stories about times when our divination tools helped us make better decisions.
  • How to use astrology in a self empowering way, rather than as an excuse.
  • How to work with the Wheel Of The Year and the zodiac together.
  • Harnessing Aquarius energy for reinvention.
  • Should pagans celebrate Valentine’s Day?
  • The importance of being prepared for what you’re manifesting with your spells.
  • Crystals for love, protection and more.
Pick Your Potions Podcast Episode 6

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