Art Magick With Molly Roberts (Podcast Episode 33)

Art Magick (Podcast With Molly Roberts)

I’m a witch on the internet…

That’s my job.”

This episode of the Alchemy Of Affluence Podcast is an interview with Molly Roberts, the art witch and legendary witchy YouTuber who helped inspire so much of what I’m doing in my business today.

Molly is an artist, author, beauty seeker and magick teacher. She helps beginners and professional creatives uncover their creative magick through YouTube videos, books, blogs, courses and Patreon offerings. She believes it is your *birth right* to live a magickal life and she’s here to support you in discovering (and fanning) your spark.

In this conversation, we’re chatting about:

– Molly’s definition of the words “witch,” and “magick.”

– Molly’s witchy origin story and how she discovered that she was a witch.

– How she transitioned into a biz witch and started getting paid to do what she loved.

– How Molly helps her community see the magick in the world even during the darkest times in life.

– Her greatest successes and challenges along the journey.

– Learning what to share and what to keep private as a witch online.

– Her advice for new witchy content creators on how to get started.

– Her best witchy tip on how to balance the magick with the mundane in your everyday life.

– A story of one of the most magickal synchronicities that she’s experienced along her path.

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