DIY Evergreen Wreath for The Winter Solstice Yule Season

Spiritual meaning of evergreen and DIY wreath for the Winter Solstice

Spiritual Meaning Of The Evergreen Wreath

In late December, people all over the world decorate their homes with synthetic evergreen trees, wreaths and garlands… But how many of us actually stop to connect with the spiritual meaning of natural evergreen plants?

Evergreen plants such as Pine, cedar, and juniper grow all year even in the coldest of climates. For this reason, they are one of our oldest and best loved Winter Holiday staples.

They remind us that although most of the greenery has disappeared, their life force is still strong beneath the ground, and the Earth is still alive. While times may be harder during the winter months, the evergreen is here as a symbol of our inner light, which will outlast the season.

Victorian Christmas Card By Unknown Artist Edited by Afura Fareed
Victorian Christmas Card By Unknown Artist Edited by Me

Believe it or not, pine is an excellent source of vitamin C when drank as a tea. In the Native American culture, pine incense was burned for spiritual home cleansing. Bringing sprigs of any evergreen indoors is said to promote feelings of strength, and to cleanse out negative energy and thought patterns. What a perfect way to beat the winter blues!

In this step-by-step tutorial, I’ll show you how I used evergreen yard trimmings to create a simple wreath for the Winter Solstice.

DIY Evergreen Wreath For The Winter Solstice Step 1

I hope you’ll bring the magick of natural evergreen into your home this winter with this craft project!

I also invite you to try my Midwinter Log spell this season!

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