Herbal Blessing Spell: The Power of Plants, Herbs, and Words

Herbal Blessing Spell Interview With Paula Damico Of Blessings By Nature

This list of mini herbal blessing spells are a fun way to get started with herbs in your magickal practice!

Being a nature girl and all, I’ve always loved to be around plants, but I really never made it a point to learn much about them until 2014.

After that subzero winter here in Western New York, I was desperate for the smell of leaves and dirt by the time Spring rolled around…

But it hadn’t occurred to me that I could have kept in touch with the Earth all winter long by tending to an indoor garden… Until I met Paula Damico, that is!

Herbal Blessing Spell Interview With Paula Damico Of Blessings By Nature

Back in April, my friend and I attended our first Her Story Hour at Her Story Boutique in Elmwood Village. The seminar was called The Power of Plants, which got me interested right away, although I had no idea what to expect! It turned out to be an intimate gathering of women of all ages in the cutest little fashion boutique I’d ever been to. We all sat in a circle as Paula introduced herself with the touching story of how her relationship with her late father has transformed her from a gardener into a holistic practitioner and heart-centered business owner.

Then, she educated us on the uses of plants, herbs, and flowers in energy healing. I was immediately fascinated by Paula’s list, Nature’s Gifts, because I’d been recently exploring concepts from the book Everyday Magic, an introduction to simple pagan rituals that can help bring about blessings and abundance in anyone’s life. In the book, Dorothy Morrison includes several practices using plants and herbs, so Paula’s presentation went hand in hand with lifestyle changes I was already beginning to delve into on my own.

Paula also went into some detail about the importance of space clearing, a part of fung sui that uses plants and sounds to refresh the energy in any living space. Having just moved into a new home myself, this was really beneficial for me in particular. She described how ringing a bell can change the vibes of a room with sound waves, and how placing sea salt and rice in a room can promote clarity and abundance. (Click here to Paula’s Four Corners Home Blessing Spell!) She gave us some really simple tips on plant placement to keep energy flowing gracefully in your home. For example, placing a plant in each corner of a room will prevent stagnant energy from settling.

Herbal Blessing Spell Interview With Paula Damico Of Blessings By Nature

My favorite part of the presentation was when she demonstrated how to use a charcoal disk to burn herbs and resins. The smell of copal resin and dried sage filled the boutique as Paula educated us on the significance of smudging, an ancient tradition that uses smoke to absorb negative energy and carry it up and away from you and your home.  We learned that sage is used for purification of a space, while copal carries your prayers or intentions into the Universe to aid in the manifestation of your aspirations and wishes. She also passed jars of various herbs around the room for us to smell, which was like a mini aromatherapy session for everyone!

By the end of the lesson, I was hooked! Paula came around and gave us all personal advice on which herbs and practices to try, and my friend and I got really excited and walked down the street to the grocery store to look for potted herbs. To our pleasant surprise, little sage, rosemary, and lavender plants were on display right in the entrance to the health food store, like a sign from above! We each bought a few and popped back into Her Story Boutique, where Paula was wrapping up, and thanked her for her lesson by showing her how she’d inspired us to bring something green into our homes!

After going on a little green thumb craze in the following weeks, I ran into Paula again at the Celebration of Vibrant Women gathering, which I attended as videographer.  I knew I had to get in touch with Paula and invite her to collaborate, and she was so kind as to work with me that summer to put together this awesome educational/promotional video about the Power of Plants, Herbs and Words!

To learn more about Blessings By Nature, like her on Facebook and visit her website! Thanks for watching! Did this inspire you to explore your greener side? What role do the power of plants, herbs, and words play in your life?

Until next time, Brightest Blessings!

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