Time To Reclaim Your Natural Magick (Podcast 151)

Is It Time To Reclaim Your Natural Magick?

Feeling like you don’t know enough about the witchy path to call yourself a “witch?”

It’s very common in the witchy community to feel like there is too much to learn and so little time! There are so many magickal subjects and you want to educate yourself on all of them…

Sometimes, you find yourself absorbing a lot of information from books, podcasts and YouTube channels, but aren’t sure what to actually DO with that information in your own personal practice.

Other times, you might just get analysis paralysis and stop practicing all together, because it’s just too overwhelming to know where to start.

You may even feel hesitant to call yourself a “witch,” or like you won’t be accepted into the witchy community because you’re not educated enough on the craft – Or don’t have a “legit” enough magickal practice.

Well, what if I told you that none of those things are actually “prerequisites” to claiming your magick as a witch?

…You don’t have to learn all (or really ANY) of the “witchy subjects” in order to validate your practice.

Even though modalities like the Wheel Of The Year, astrology, tarot, and spell-casting can be immensely helpful and fun to work with, I want you to know that none of these things are what makes someone a witch or not.

You can be a witch without ever celebrating a sabbat, knowing your zodiac signs, reading cards or even casting a single “spell!”

Yes… You heard me right! If you’re on my email list, you know how much I sing the praises of some of these modalities, so it may be a shock to hear me tell you this. But it’s true.

What makes you a witch is your own natural magick… And witches (whether called by the name “witch” or not) have existed in all times, places and walks of life, regardless of whether they had access to educational resources on any of these things we consider “witchcraft 101” now.

Being a witch is a natural personality trait, not a certification you get after passing your O.W.L. exams like a Hogwarts student!

Afura wearing a witch hat

I’m passionate about reminding magickal folk that you don’t need outside validation in order to be the powerful being that you are.

Whether or not your magick resembles anyone else’s, you have your own natural gifts, rituals, inspirations and intuition.

And those are all you really need. You don’t need to be doing it in any particular way in order to be doing it “right.”

Being a rebellious Aquarius (with quick self-starting Aries moon energy), I’m really good at knowing when to say “screw the rules” and do things my own way! But at the same time, I also have a very air-heavy chart, so I do love constantly educating myself on magickal subjects of various kinds.

So in my 8+ years of “officially” calling myself a witch, I’ve become really good at both holding space for you to gain experiential knowledge of the modalities of the craft, AND giving you full permission to take the parts that feel aligned with you and not worry about all the rest.

Even though I love to do an absolutely insane amount of research on various aspects of spirituality and magick, I’ve also gotten clear on which aspects of the path resonate with me the most and which don’t. And by SUPER simplifying my personal practice to just focus on the most aligned things in the most sustainable way, I’ve been able to craft a lifestyle for myself that feels genuinely magickal and fulfilling.

And it’s also important to be aware that your path is always subject to evolution!

For example, I used to be absolutely obsessed tarot cards for many years, and I got SO MUCH out of it.

But now, I’m in touch with my intuition in ways that are less reliant on tools, and rarely find myself pulling cards for myself anymore. Now I mainly use them to do readings for clients, and as symbolic talismans in my manifesting journey.

Astrology, on the other hand, is something I used to only dabble in, because other subjects were more “on the front burner” for me at the time. Whereas now, I’m circling back around to it and learning it more actively in a way that easily fits into my practice of seasonal living.

Even some of me beliefs have evolved along the path! For example, I’ve always found the mythology of gods and goddesses to be interesting from the standpoint of human psychology, but never really had experiential faith in them as actual entities that I could be in dialog with… Until I started getting signs from them in hard-to-ignore ways and discovered that perhaps there’s more to that…

And full disclosure – I still don’t know for sure what exactly my beliefs are about some of the more mystical mysteries in life! I don’t have a “matron” and “patron” deity that I work with consistently. I don’t have a daily practice that I do exactly the same way every day. I’m not 100% solid in any one belief about the afterlife or ghosts or faeries. I’m not 100% sure how the Hermetic principals universal laws work, or any totally “fool-proof” methods for manifesting.

… And you think of me as a “real witch,” right? Well, I think of you as a real witch too! Regardless of where you’re at in your journey!

What’s really helped me to build my confidence, my path and my practice has been creating a sense of “freedom within structure.”

By narrowing down alllllll the witchy subjects to JUST one that really resonated with me (the Wheel Of The Year) and allowing the rest of my practice to unfold with that as a stable foundation, I’ve been able to both simplify things and expand my path at the same time.

The reason I love and preach seasonal living so much is because (once we peel away all the layers of dogmatism and mythology that have been layered over it in the witchy community) it provides a simple, powerful and universal structure that can support you as you learn to trust in the Universe and trust in yourself.

Whether or not you believe in the Wiccan interpretations of the sabbats, or the traditions normally associated with them, the universal plant-tend-harvest-compost cycle that lies at the core of the Wheel Of The Year is our accessible glimpse into the mechanics of how the Universe works. And by simply focusing on the natural themes of each season in whatever ways genuinely resonate with us, we’re able to tap into that magick to step into more empowered versions of ourselves in all areas of life.

It prompts us to go through our own unique cycle of self awareness, self-actualization, cleansing of outdated belief systems and rebirth into our next best version each year of our lives. This is why I’ve designed our Patreon community around the simple, powerful prompts of the seasons. It’s not to force the vastness of your magickal life into a rigid structure. To the contrary, it’s to create a framework where your natural magick informs how you interact with the natural themes of the Universe so you can get clear on what does and doesn’t resonate with you as you step out of your old self-limiting conditioning and into your true power.

This time of year, as the new year is just shaping up, is the perfect time to begin the journey of starting (or re-simplifying) your witchy practice.

The sabbat season of February’s Eve (the 6 week surrounding the first of February) holds an underlying theme of self love, self care and cleansing away anything that isn’t authentically nurturing to you…

Setting the stage for the new (more YOU) version of you that you’re emerging as later in the spring.

If this resonated with you, then I would love to invite you to join us on Patreon in time to partake in our February’s Eve / Imbolc seasonal living challenge, which begins this Wednesday, January 18! It will be taking place during Aquarius season, the season of throwing away the “rules” that don’t work for you and reinventing yourself as the sovereign individual that you truly are!

Myself and the other magickal mavens in the group would absolutely love to get to know you and to learn from and with you in the season ahead! See you there!

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