Embodying Your Ideal Future Self (Podcast Episode 134)

I’m sure you’ve heard of the Higher Self archetype. But did you know that you can also work with your Ideal Future Self?

Is there any area of your life that feels super “stuck” and unfulfilling right now?

Like no matter what you do to fix it, how many oracle cards you pull about it, or how many astrology reports you listen to, you just can’t seem to figure it out?

Perhaps you’ve tried following someone else’s “formula” for success, and for some reason it hasn’t worked for you.

Sometimes what you need is not for someone or something outside of you to provide answers for you, but just to tap into a different level of your own inner wisdom.

Realizing (or remembering) that you are your own High Priestess puts your power back in your own hands. It helps you to gain the clarity you need to make the decisions that will be most compatible with YOUR OWN highest truth.

I’ve experienced (and continue to experience) these types of challenges along my journey, and I’ve discovered a ritual that helps me return to my own inner truth over and over again… Which ultimately helps me simplify things by tuning out all the other outside voices so I can trust my intuition more and more.

Read on or watch to learn how to connect with your Ideal Future Self:

I’m sure you’ve heard of the Higher Self archetype.

But did you know that you can also work with your Ideal Future Self?

This idea is based on the theory that each decision we make puts us on a “path.”

In theory, perhaps there’s a parallel reality where you’ve ignored your intuition, and end up manifesting a life that’s super unfulfilling… And maybe there’s also a version of your future where you follow your intuition closely, and manifest fulfillment the likes of which you can barely imagine!

2 High Priestess Tarot Card

If the archetype of the “Higher Self” is our way of personifying the intuitive part of us that sees the (much) bigger picture of our fulfillment and purpose, then the “Ideal Future Self” is the version of us that has successfully followed the wisdom of the Higher Self and has manifested a fulfilling reality.

Along my journey, it’s been so helpful (and rather fun) to connect with my Ideal Future Self as I go about living intuitively.

Afura In Bed With Cat And Ritual Tools

It started years ago when I really began leaning into self love and self trust.

I often found myself saying, “thank you, Past Fura, for taking a moment to record that beautiful video on your nature walk the other day. It’s turned out to be the PERFECT illustration for this subject I’m now talking about in this YouTube video I’m editing today!”

And it occurred to me that if I could send love and gratitude to past versions of myself, couldn’t it also be beneficial to ask for support from my Ideal Future Self as well?

As I was making decisions, I began to check in and ask myself, “is this choice in alignment with my ideal future?” And rather than getting myself overwhelmed by trying to see too far into the future, this Future Self that I was checking in with could even just be the version of me from next month!

Afura Meditating Outdoors In Autumn

At the time, I was trying to manifest a more harmonious romantic relationship with my partner so that we could build a more fulfilling future together. I wondered what my Ideal Future Self would share with me if we could meet and have a chat together. I decided to do a meditation to try connecting with my Ideal Future Self from one year into the future.

Some of the messages I received from this meditation affirmed the direction I was already taking with self love… While others rather surprised me and gave me a bigger picture perspective of situations I’d been “too close to” to see clearly.

For example, my Ideal Future Self was wayyy less attached to the guy I was dating at the time. And even though I didn’t explicitly receive advice to break up with him right then and there, it did remind me that there could be someone even better in my future. (Spoiler alert: There was!)

Additionally, I noticed that my Future Self was somehow both more “put together” and more relaxed and confident with who she was. She was not scrambling to fit the mold of what a successful woman was “supposed” to be. She was her own (my own) version of successful.

Now that it’s years later and I’m looking back at how far I’ve come since then, I’m now also able to see something that my Ideal Future Self was trying to convey to me that I didn’t quite grasp right away with my previous level of consciousness…

And that’s the fact that for me, the EXACT DETAILS of the vision are wayyy less important than the FEELINGS that signify fulfillment.

Back then, what I thought I wanted was for my boyfriend to change so that we could have a deeper and more blissfully aligned connection to build a future on. I was so wrapped up in trying to fix the relationship that I was unable to see any other solution.

But when I began to embody that Ideal Future Self who was more self-loving, relaxed, confident and authentically expressive, guess what happened? My relationship with the boyfriend got WORSE. It became apparent that he was never going to fully accept the version of me that I wanted to become, and ultimately I chose my mental health over staying with him.

And even in the midst of ugly crying on the floor in fetal position over the breakup, there was a deep sense of inner knowing that my whole world had just opened up. I somehow knew that if I could just allow myself to get through those initial painful moments, so many doors would open up to me that had been closed before.

Afura Meditating With Candles

And surely enough, this ended up being the beginning of an even deeper dive into self love, self care, self worth and self acceptance, which not only felt super liberating for me, but also eventually led to me manifesting my soulmate just one year later!

What my Ideal Future Self had inspired me to do was to get clear on how I truly desired to FEEL, and encouraged me to commit to making decisions that are in alignment with those desired feelings.

Rather than forcing myself to picture the exact vision of what my ideal relationship was supposed to “look like” (which I never would have been able to accurately see when my ego was so attached to the idea of staying with that boyfriend), the Ideal Future Self that I saw showed me what the ideal relationship would FEEL like in my heart.

And whether you’re a specific or non-specific manifestor in your Human Design, the key to successful and FULFILLING manifestation is the ability to recognize and embody the way you truly desire to feel… With or without being able to see the exact circumstance of the desired outcome, respectively.

I saw how relaxed, confident and self-accepting that future version of myself was, and I wanted to feel that way now! I got tired of telling myself I would feel better when the relationship improved, and instead gave myself permission to feel good in the present moment.

And that’s what ended up “collapsing the timelines” and attracting the circumstances that led me to the beautifully blissful relationship I now have with MYSELF and with my new romantic partner in exactly one year after breaking up with the old one.

ideal future self hourglass

So what do you desire your ideal future to feel like one year from today?

I know of one way to find out, and that’s to ask your Ideal Future Self!

That’s why I’ve taken what I learned and channeled it into a guided meditation and guided journaling ritual that can be utilized any time you’re feeling stuck or stagnant.

I would love to invite you to try my technique that will help you to connect with and form a relationship with your own inner High Priestess (AKA Ideal Future Self)!

In this guided ritual, you’ll receive access to my beautifully immersive guided meditation to meet, connect with and learn from your own Ideal Future Self.

future self guided meditation workbook

You’ll also get a beautiful printable workbook where you can write down the intuitive messages you receive from your Future Self, which will help you embody this ideal version of yourself over the course of the next year.

Included also is a video workshop on how to use the Plant, Tend, Harvest, Compost manifestation method to reinvent your life in alignment with the eight seasons of the Witch’s Calendar (The Wheel Of The Year). It includes a workbook that helps you integrate your core desired feelings into your everyday life.

Curious what magick the next 365 days may hold for you?

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And to be totally transparent with you, just the act of re-telling my story of how powerful this ritual was for me when I first tried it has reminded me that there’s a “stuck,” unfulfilling area of my life right now that my Ideal Future Self could totally be helping me with! So on that note, I’m going to go take my own advice right now and do the meditation and journaling prompts myself too!

If you give this method a try, I invite you to comment and let me know what comes up for you! Thank you for being your magickal self, and until next time, blessed be.

Thank you for being your magickal self.

Until next time, blessed be.

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