Reclaim Your Power From A Toxic Relationship with Kristen Jett (Podcast Episode 123)

Reclaim Your Power From Any Toxic Relationship With Kristen Jett

In this episode of the Alchemy Of Affluence Podcast, I’m joined by Kristen Jett, The Profit Priestess, about how to recognize and heal from toxic relationships using Human Design.

Kristen is a Quantum Strategist and she helps leaders get known for their impact and create more transformation for their clients using ethical practices.

Kristen believes that relationships of all kinds (business or personal) can benefit from each party having awareness of their energy type and how to collaborate with others from a place of compassion and mental health.

One of the most helpful ways to understand and heal the energetics of any relationship is to take a look at each person’s Human Design.

In this episode, we’ll be diving into:

  • How to spot signs of toxic relationship.
  • The similarities between toxic patterns in personal and business relationships.
  • How to use human design to protect your own energy in various kinds of relationships.
  • How to have awareness of the needs of others for healthier relationship patterns.

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2 thoughts on “Reclaim Your Power From A Toxic Relationship with Kristen Jett (Podcast Episode 123)

  1. I only recently learned about human design and I’m completely hooked. It’s amazing how both simple and complex it is. There are so many facets and yet I haven’t become overwhelmed by the amount of information!

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