The Magick Of The Spring Equinox (Podcast Episode 113)

Spring Eqinox Emergence

The Spring Equinox (AKA Ostara or Easter) takes place around March 21st and is the time when the hours of daylight and the hours of darkness are equal in the Northern Hemisphere, ushering in longer days and shorter nights.

It’s the season of the Wheel Of The Year in which many Witchy folk start feeling more energy to take action in “coming out” as their new version of themselves whilst the sun’s light grows and the earth begins to wake up.

Three of the major themes of this time of year are EMERGENCE, RECALIBRATION and the INNER CHILD.

In this series of Spring Equinox episodes of the Alchemy Of Affluence Podcast, I’m sharing with you not just my personal responses to the Spring Equinox journal prompts that are included in the Your Book Of Seasons program, but am even reading the lesson pages and journal prompts to you for free!

Feel free to have a pen and paper handy to copy the prompts for yourself, or to accept my invitation to join me for the program or purchase the pages from my shop.

I would love to invite you to join me for Your Book Of Seasons, a year and a day journey through the plant, tend, harvest, release cycle of the eight seasons on the Witch’s calendar… while crafting your very own gorgeous wheel of the year grimoire!

Spring Equinox Ostara Seasonal Living Guide
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