Calling All Biz Witches… The World Needs Your Magick NOW! (Alchemy Of Affluence Podcast Episode 93)

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As we’re now seeing in the world on a grand scale, the economy is changing, jobs are changing, and the welfare of PEOPLE needs to be the main priority, above old systems that serve almost no one…

And this is not just a potential opportunity, but an INVITATION for heart-centered, passionate and COMPASSIONATE creators to step up and become the new leaders of society… 

And it all starts with each of us choosing to take a leadership role in our own lives and businesses. 

So many witchy and spiritual people have special gifts, passions and talents that they were born to share with the world, and they deserve to be compensated for that just as abundantly, or MORE abundantly than they would be working for some “normal” job.

The old “normal” is over, and it’s time for us to create a new “normal” by being among the first to fully commit to following our passions and fulfilling our life’s purpose. This week’s episode of the Alchemy Of Affluence Podcast is a message of encouragement and an invitation for biz witches and aspiring biz witches to take the next steps in creating the world we’re truly meant to be living in, starting now!


Having a personal brand or heart-centered business is supposed to be FUN, freeing and in-flow!

Not Frustrating, frugal and forced!

I see you over there… feeling sick and tired of seeing other heart-centered businesses blow up online overnight, and wondering what they’ve got that you don’t got…

Well, it’s isn’t necessarily that they’re hustling like crazy to keep it all going, like you’re probably trying to do right now. Sure, you have to be ambitious and determined to succeed at being an entrepreneur, but none of that hard work is going to get you as far as a business model customized to feed your unique energy signature, (and a little real everyday magick)!

If you want to manifest your IDEAL business and freedom-based lifestyle, you have to have a strategy that plays to the strengths of your personal intuitive gifts! I had to learn this the HARD way. But’s make it easy for YOU.

Boss Witch (or aspiring boss witch), I WANT YOU TO KNOW THAT YOUR SOUL ALIGNED BIZ IS BIGGER THAN JUST YOU! It’s even bigger than the clients you’re meant to help! You’re here to shake sh!t up on a universal scale! #RICHWITCHREVOLUTION


Millennials are reinventing what it means to have a “career” by finding ways to get paid big to be THEMSELVES, and it’s crazy exciting that the possibilities are endless! But you get there by being in FLOW with your intuition, not driving yourself crazy testing out 1200 different bits and pieces of business strategies that aren’t aligned with who you truly are.

Now, I’m sharing the wisdom I’ve gathered over alllll my years of study in the occult, as well as the super aligned millennial business solutions I’ve discovered by honoring my Higher Calling alongside amazing mentors and colleagues… Because I want other artists, creatives and intuitives to know that we are NOT the outcasts of society! We are the future, and we are here to change the world with our gifts!

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