How To Tip The Scales Of Manifestation (Podcast Episode 89)

How To Tip The Scales Of Manifestation

How To Tip The Scales Of Manifestation

The only way to shift from the life you have to the life you desire is to balance the elements in your everyday reality.

And it’s said that in order to manifest the life you want, you have to be brave enough to give up the life you have.

This week’s episode of the Alchemy Of Affluence Podcast is a detailed step by step breakdown of exactly how this works using the example of an aspiring biz witch manifesting the ability to quit her day job to go full time on her dream business.

Whether you happen to have that exact same desire, or if you’re looking to manifest your ideal partner, a new job, or anything else, you can use the tips from this episode to make incredible changes in your life and quantum leap toward joy and fulfillment.

Do you ever feel like you’re juggling between two different realms, or two different possible realities?

For example, do you have a certain job and lifestyle that you either chose from the perspective of a past version of yourself, or that you kind of fell into as one thing led to another in your life?

Maybe you weren’t quite sure how manifesting worked when you started going in that direction. But now you’re realizing how powerful manifestation can be when you’re consciously choosing your reality.

And now, you’re looking around and you’re thinking, “this isn’t necessarily my ideal lifestyle. I didn’t choose this from a place of consciously knowing that I’m an all powerful creator, and that I can choose whatever I want.” So the question is, how do I get out of this current reality and into a more ideal reality that I would prefer to be living in?

And those of us who have a magical gift that we want to turn into a witchy business, often find ourselves in that situation. Before we knew that we had this power to choose whatever we want, we maybe just got some random job. Maybe the job had to do with our skills, and we were somewhat interested in pursuing that career. But it just wasn’t as fulfilling as we might have hoped. It’s not what our childhood self would have imagined for ourselves.

But here we are, in this situation with this income, these bills and these responsibilities. So how can you take what you have and shift it into a new reality without completely blowing the top off of everything?

It’s really about using your sense of intuition to understand what decisions to make. That will get you from where you are to where you want to be. Your current reality and your desired reality represent two possible outcomes. Which one will win out depends how much energy you’re putting into them.

It’s up to you to choose your reality. Where attention goes, energy flows, right?

So if you have a ton of stock taken in the belief that life has to kind of be the way it is, (you have to have this kind of job or this kind of lifestyle or this kind of living situation), question yourself and ask, “Why do I think that this is the way things have to be?”

Imagine a set of scales, for example. On one side is the belief that your life has to be the way it is. And then on the other side, you have this idea that maybe things can be different for you. Maybe you can have a more magical life. Maybe you can fully be pursuing the passion that you were born to pursue – Your magickal or creative gift to the world.

Sometimes we really believe deep down that the more mundane life is the only thing that’s really possible. And even though we entertain ideas about the reality we desire, we’re still constantly putting more and more weight into the mundane side. Perhaps you’re making decisions primarily based on that.

When opportunities come around for you to get overtime at work versus go home and work on your passion project, if you’re choosing to stay and get the overtime all the time, instead of choosing to to go home and work on your dream business – The scale is going to show that.

One way to re-balance things is to think about the Elements. In order to manifest something into your physical reality, you have to have all the elements in place. The symbol of the pentacle is an image of all five elements – The points of the star being earth, air, fire, water and spirit, and the circle around it representing the sense of a complete creation or manifestation.

So if you’re putting all your elements and all of your energy into the reality where you’re getting overtime hours at work and never having time to work on your business, you’re betting your money on it, so to speak.

The Earth element represents where you invest your resources. You are physically showing up for that version of reality where your day job takes president, thinking that this is where your money has to come from.

The Air element represents mindset. Psychologically, do you believe that working overtime at your day job is going to create more of a stable life for you? Conflicting beliefs are one of the main reasons manifestation attempts seem to fail.

The Water element represents your emotions. Even though you’re frustrated emotionally, you also feel most secure at this job. Conflicting feelings make manifestation seem difficult.

The Fire element represents your your passion, your intention and your your action. So if you are taking action primarily on your day job, and not taking action toward your passion and your pursuit, that’s all four of the cardinal elements primarily invested in the mundane version of reality.

So let’s talk about Spirit. A lot of the time what ends up happening is that our Higher Self really, really wants us to be pursuing what we were born to do, but we end up going through a dark night of the soul when we realize that all of our four cardinal are invested in something that isn’t our dream life.

Represented symbolically, our pentacle, which normally has Spirit at the top, ends up upside down – That’s where Spirit is not taking precedent over the cardinal elements. The Cardinal elements are just your tools in this life, and the Spirit element is your core essence – What you’re really here to learn, be, experience and express.

Something doesn’t feel right, and it is simply because you have put all of your elements into a reality that really isn’t your ultimate truth. Meanwhile, your dream reality is in the ether, floating around in the Universe. It’s a thought form, but it’s not manifested into the physical because your elements are mostly invested elsewhere.

So what you have to do is start choosing to put your elements into your dream lifestyle. Get in touch with each one of your elements. It usually starts with emotion. You have to emotionally feel like your dream reality is more fulfilling than your current reality. And even though you might consciously think that you already feel that way, remember that if you’re still investing more than 50% of your energy to the current paradigm, the emotional shift probably hasn’t fully happened yet.

Usually what ends up happening emotionally is that you end up going through a meltdown. Perhaps something happens at work, and all of a sudden you’re like, “I literally can’t even do this anymore.” Unfortunately people often learn from pain.

The Universe keeps whispering and whispering, “Hey, you should be living your dream life.” But when your Higher Self is not getting through to you by whispering, it starts yelling at you… Or worse – Just punches you in the face, so to speak! Unfortunately, it often comes the form of you having to get away from something in your current reality that ends up chasing you over to a reality nearer to your dream.

But here’s the good news: If you would rather consciously choose a more voluntary path, you can induce that emotional shift within yourself by using your magick! You can have some kind of a ritual where you consciously choose to shift your emotional investment from the old reality to the new reality.

Via the Earth element, you can start by manifesting things into your life that make your dream reality more real. Say you have a room in your house that’s currently being used for something not that important. It can even be a corner or closet. If you that space out, you could turn that into your own little office.

Maybe you’ve been dreaming about doing that for a while, but you’re like, “Oh, well I’m not going to do that because I’m not really spending that much time working on my business, so why would I sacrifice this space to turn into an office?” Well, guess what? That is an Earth element thing that you can physically do to tangibly create the space for you do your work. Having that space carved out, and seeing it every day will make you want to sit down at that desk and start doing that work.

The Air element requires you to make a mental shift, and that is where decisions come into play. If you are making the conscious mental decision to go into work on your days off to get overtime, you can consciously start making the decision to trust in your dream instead. Choose to spend that exact same amount of time that you would have been at work to get some real hours in working on your dream.

Next we want to think about the Fire element. That is your passion, your drive and your action steps. Rather than taking extra hours (or taking on additional projects) at work, leaving yourself so burnt out that you no longer have the energy, inspiration or motivation to work on your own projects, it’s time to change that pattern. Prioritize taking inspired action on your business.

…And once you’ve begun making these shifts, that is often when Spirit matches your investment and starts sending you more and more signs, inspiration, and opportunities in the realm of your dream reality. Energy starts flowing where your attention is going, and you start manifesting synchronicities and the path forward begins to feel more aligned.

And then your pentacle is right side up again. You’ve got spirit at the top and the rest of the elements are your limbs, and you’re using all your tools properly. And then all of a sudden you start seeing results in creating your dream life.

Back when I was making that shift, I had a part time job and I had my business. And I went through an emotional “Tower card” type situation where I just couldn’t tolerate the negative energy of my day job any longer. After having that meltdown, that was when I started taking tangible steps to start shifting over to having my real career be my full time job, even though I wasn’t sure how that was going to happen.

I made the decision to go all in, and I asked my Higher Self to give me the signs that I needed in order to shift over to that ideal reality. I started having epiphanies and realizing that my habits were not necessarily supporting my desired lifestyle.

I started by telling my boss that I was only willing to do tasks at work that were in my job description, even if that meant less hours. So I started just going in and doing the design stuff that I was hired for, instead of babysitting the rest of her store. After a while, as my confidence began to grow, I asked if I could stop going in physically and work from home instead. And seeing as I wasn’t serving any other purpose in her store anymore, it wasn’t that far of a jump. And then eventually, I asked if instead of being an employee, I could do this work on a freelance basis.

And by the by, at some point, the energy just completely shifted. And since I didn’t have to be in that environment that I was so uncomfortable in, my energy was refreshed and I had so much more energy and inspiration to work on my own business. And as it continued to grow, I was able to quit the day job all together and move on.

It took me years to get the bravery and traction to do all of that… And I realize that not every company will be as flexible during your evolution, but just start thinking outside the box. Imagine that things can be different, and start making little decisions and the road will become more clear.

And the more you invest in your dreams, the more synchronicities will happen, the more opportunities will pop up, and the next thing you know, you’ll be living your dream life, and your current reality will feel like a distant memory of another realm.

Fire, Water, Air, Earth and Spirit… These are the building blocks of our reality, and without them, nothing you see or experience would be able to exist.

Esoteric law says that nothing can be made manifest without the supporting energy in each of the elements. The Alchemist’s quest is to master the elements within the self and to channel that power out into the life you’re designing for yourself. For as within, so without.

Here’s the great news: Harnessing the power of the elements and balancing their energies in your everyday life gets to be easy, fast and fun!

I’ve honed all of my years of wisdom from working with the Elements and channeled it into this set of 5 beautiful guided meditation audios – So that you can skip all the esoteric study and get right to manifesting a more fulfilling lifestyle with less than 10 minutes of meditation per day.

You can craft a simple daily practice by meditating with one element each week day, and then doing the overall Elemental Alignment meditation on the weekend… Or you can just feel into which element needs a little love each day and choose your meditation intuitively!

If you add these meditations to your daily practice, it’s insane now quickly you’ll see shifts manifesting in your life. For, the elements are the building blocks for a successful, fulfilled life…

But to harness them, we need to understand how they actually form (and transform) our real experiences on a daily basis… Which is exactly what these meditations are the SHORT CUT for.

The Earth element is about getting grounded in your core desires and amping up your gratitude so become an energetic magnet to all the things that make you feel stable, grounded, secure and wealthy in life.

The Air element is about clearing out old BS (belief systems) and reprogramming your subconscious mind to manifest your best life on autopilot. Its kind of like hypnotizing yourself into being a better version of you!

The Fire Element is about releasing your past trauma and drama and transforming it into motivation to create real, empowering changes in your life.

The Water element is about juicing up your self love, self worth and compassion so that you can lead your life with love rather than fear, and receive more fulfillment, love, grace, flow and ease.

The Spirit element is about making friends with your Higher Self so you can effortlessly channel epiphanies, answers, inspiration and direction as you live out your highest purpose and have fun in the process!

To download your meditation bundle, go to or just go to the link in the episode description. Happy meditating!

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