How I Became A Witch – Seasonal Living With The Wheel Of The Year (Podcast Episode 86)

How I Became A Witch

I invite you in for a magickal tale about finding my own unique magickal path and how I became a witch

Magick is not just a matter of waving a wand and having all your troubles disappear…

In fact, some of the most magickal people in the world discovered their power in a moment of dis-empowerment in their lives.

We each have our own unique magickal powers, and they develop as a result of committing to transforming our biggest perceived weaknesses, shortcomings or unfair circumstances into our greatest super powers and treasured blessings.

How? Well the story is different for everyone, and I have a feeling my personal story will give you the inspiration you need to take the next steps in uncovering what makes you special, enchanting and EMPOWERED to overcome any challenge.

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