You Are Already Good At Manifesting (Affluence Podcast Episode 63)

You Are Already Good At Manifesting

Did you know that it’s impossible to be “bad at” manifesting?

When we’re still getting our footing in the practice of conscious manifestation, it’s easy to fall into the trap of believing manifestation doesn’t come easily to us.

Perhaps it seems like you’re doing all the “right” things to manifest what you desire, but there’s always some long, grueling, drawn out process with epic amounts of Shadow Work involved and lots of ups and downs and tough lessons before you get to manifest anything…

But as it happens, manifestation is actually “easy” for everyone, because it’s literally a universal law that applies to everyone 100% of the time.

I invite you to listen to this podcast episode to spot just how easily you manifest on a daily basis, and apply what “works” to the goals you’ve previously struggled with.

The fact that the law of attraction is working constantly is easy to overlook, because when you’re so focused on the goals that you’re obsessing over, you often miss the forest for the trees… whatever that means.

What I mean is, when you’re so zoom focused on a specific big, intimidating goal, you basically have tunnel vision, and fail to notice the fast, easy and often SUPER interesting manifestations that are happening on the sidelines along the way… In fact, it’s often those seemingly tiny, unnoticed synchronicities and serendipities that are largely responsible for helping you manifest whatever your bigger goal is, when you actually add them up.

An example of this happened to me today, while I was celebrating the completion of a long, hard-earned manifestation I’d been working on for years – I finished my first real email newsletter funnel.

For those who don’t know, I’ll break the fourth wall here and tell you – it’s where you write a series of emails in advance and automate them to send out in a particular sequence when a newsletter subscriber joins your list. In my case, I’ve been wanting to create a sequence like this to welcome new subscribers, give them a good understanding of how the five elements are the building blocks of our reality, and then invite them to join one of my courses…

But it’s taken me nearly TWO YEARS to finally get it done. Why? Because I was putting myself under a TON of pressure to do it “perfectly” and stressing myself out in the process.

Because when I first started my mentorship business, I was learning from business coaches who where charging a lot of money per month to work with them, and I felt obligated to make back the money I’d invested to learn the techniques as quickly as possible, I found myself rushing through the process of trying to write emails and pitches.

It was always part of some frantic product launch with huge time constraints and massive anxiety about whether or not they’d be “successful.” I was constantly trying to prove to myself, my audience, my colleagues and my bank account that I could succeed at this business venture, and all it did was cause all of my launches to be either incredibly stressful, poorly planned or unsuccessful – often all three.

Another factor was that I was brand new to coaching and mentorship as well as the kind of branding and marketing that goes along with that type of business model. Sure, I knew I wanted to teach people about everything I’d learned along my spiritual journey, and felt grounded in that intention… but I was totally un-grounded in how I wanted to do that, how to break it down in a way that would really be helpful and interesting to people, and had not yet really found my “voice” as a public speaker.

Due to all of the above, I got this idea in my mind that promoting courses was hard, launching programs was hard, and most especially, that creating sales funnels was hard.

It got to a point where I literally decided I just didn’t even want to do it anymore. I took a break from even trying to do course launches or sales funnels, and just focused on creating content from the heart, connecting with my community, getting more grounded in my own manifestation process, and releasing the tension around all the huge things I’d been struggling to manifest.

And that’s when the magick really happened!

I’d been practicing magick and manifestation for years when this really hit me, but when it finally clicked, it was like I got zapped into a new realm – the concept of releasing attachment to the “how” and the “outcome.”

Have you heard of this concept? A good manifestation coach will always tell you that once you decide what you want to manifest and commit to following your intuition to get it, the fastest and easiest way to manifest it is to surrender the “how” and the “outcome”…

Meaning that you basically have to desire something without caring whether or not it ever happens, and without trying too hard to get it.

And when you’re new to manifesting (or if you’re very skilled at the art of manifesting everything you want, but doing it the slow, hard way, like I used to) then this seems like the most absurd piece of advice ever.

To some of us, we’ve been conditioned to associate desire with pain, hard work, or anxiety. We feel like in order to desire something, we have to want it so bad it hurts, otherwise it isn’t worthy of our desire… or we aren’t worthy of it. We feel like if something isn’t worth suffering or pining over, then we probably just don’t really want it or aren’t meant to have it, so we give up on it in favor of going for something we want so bad it hurts.

So how in the WORLD can you BOTH deeply desire something enough to be committed to it AND not care whether or not you get it and not work to make it happen? It doesn’t seem to make sense at all… Until it does.

This finally clicked for me for perhaps the first time (at least consciously) earlier this year. I got so fed up with trying to force my coaching business to work that I literally just broke out into a laugh-cry, threw my hands up and said, “I just don’t care anymore!”

I believed whole-heartedly that my intuition was telling me it was my life’s purpose and destiny to be successful at sharing my wisdom with the world, and to get generously paid for it… and yet it seemed like everything I tried to do to make that happen was either an epic fail, or a really difficult success story.

So I basically said, “hey, Universe, I know you keep telling me I’m supposed to manifest this thing, but I no longer have any energy left at all for struggling. I’m to a point where I would rather just make art and be happy and trust that somehow my bills will get paid than keep suffering day and night chasing this intention of having a successful magick school when it seems like everything is constantly going wrong with it.”

So I did just that – I finally just allowed myself to to desire the successful magick school without giving a shit whether it ever worked out or not. I focused my energy on having fun, being creatively expressive, connecting with people without any expectations, and most importantly staying committed to my CORE desires, which are to feel emotionally and creatively free… and just like that, alllllll of the incredible epiphanies, amazing ideas, and perfectly aligned opportunities to promote my school simply started to appear in my reality.

And very quickly, things reached an energetic tipping point where I ended up having a huge influx of students during a week when I barely did anything resembling hard work at all! And that’s when I fully realized the power of surrender.

I finally understood that the reason I’d been killing myself to be “successful” at promoting my school was because what I really desired at a core level was not to do things exactly the way other coaches were doing them, but because I wanted to experience emotional, creative and financial freedom, and to help others by showing them what I’ve learned along my journey so they don’t have to make the same mistakes I did… What my CORE desire was was to FEEL a certain way, but in the process of trying to make that happen in a specific way, I completely lost sight of my true purpose and created so much anxiety in my life that I wasn’t even remotely feeling those desired feelings that I set out to experience in the first place… what a clusterfuck!

So as soon as I allowed myself to desire those FEELINGS without giving a flying fuck how it would happen, I actually got MORE inspired to promote my school in a way that actually was a true expression of my heart’s message, and effortlessly attracted the students I had been working so hard to find before.

That’s the essence of surrender.

So bringing the story back around to today, the reason I’m celebrating is because I finally wrote the damn newsletter funnel. It didn’t feel like work at all. I literally just re-set the intention to complete it, not caring when or how it happened, but desiring it to shape up before the first day of 2020 if possible. Over the course of the past month, I’ve just gone about my business, having fun, doing my emotional healing and mindset upgrade methods, and creating art and content only when explicitly inspired or energetically invited to do so… and an awesome series of messages simply channeled out of me.

Amidst living my own life, experiencing my own manifestations and epiphanies in other areas of my life, these nuggets of wisdom occurred to me that were the EXACT things I wanted to share with my audience, and the funnel ended up shaping up without ever feeling like work at all.

I’ve officially launched the email sequence, and now I’m copying and pasting in the email addresses of people who signed up for it before it was officially running. As I pasted each person’s name, I found myself expressing gratitude to each of them, and hilariously, in my mind it sounded like the scene in The Princess Diaries where Julie Andrews does the queen wave and says, “thank you for being here today.”

But for some reason, I couldn’t for the life of me remember the name of the actress I was thinking of, and you know how it is when something’s just on the tip of your tongue and it bothers you that you just can’t think of it? Well I almost started to feel that way, but thought better of it. After everything I learned in the past year, if I’ve learned not to be bothered by something as big as how to get paid each month, then I certainly wasn’t going to bother myself to remember an actress’s name when it literally didn’t matter in the moment. I’ve reprogrammed my mind to run this way and trust that anything I need to know will simply appear when it’s meant to.

And wouldn’t you know that the very next email on my list to copy was someone named Julie?

And I just thought to myself, “JULIE ANDREWS!” and just teared up and started laughing! Because it was the PERFECT example of how manifestation is really supposed to work! You desire something – in this case, to recall the name of an actress – you trust without a shadow of a doubt that it will come to you when the time is right, or will be replaced by something that feels just as satisfying – you decide you just don’t care where/when/how it will come – and BOOM, there it is… or a sign that leads you to it (in this case, a reminder of the first name of the actress I was thinking of).

Now, a skeptical person could easily argue that this was a total coincidence and doesn’t even make a good story. But that’s just the thing – you can’t be a skeptic and get to experience the miracle of manifestation.

If I’d been in the same busy, frustrated, tunnel-visioned version of myself I had been in the past, I would have been zooming through copying and pasting those email addresses so fast and with so much other brain chatter in my head about what I had to do next to achieve my goal that I wouldn’t have even read the woman’s name.

I would have copied and pasted it without even really looking at it, and probably would have been driven crazy for the next hour by the fact that I couldn’t remember the actress’s name, which I would have regarded as a distraction from my work, which would have led me to make some careless mistake like pasting the emails in wrong, and would end up messing up my automation or something. I might have even seen the name Julie and thought of my old boss from years ago who was a huge bitch, and gone down an negative chain of memories instead of realizing I’d just manifested the sign I was looking for. It would have turned into a long, frustrating series of unfortunate events, all because I was stressing myself out about the “how” rather than truly living in my desired emotions in the present moment.

Isn’t the Universe funny?

The fact is, little, hilarious manifestations, syncronicities and serendipities like that are ALWAYS happening to us. And unless we’re slowing down and enjoying where we’re at and evoking our desired feelings more so than obsessing over specific intentions, they will totally pass us by.

Often times, the little manifestations we’re overlooking when we’re stressed are the EXACT breadcrumbs that the Universe is trying to give us to help us achieve our goals. I mean, as a prime example, I would not have created this message that you’re hearing right now if I hadn’t been in a receptive place today. In much the same way that my newsletter funnel never would have happened if I hadn’t allowed myself to slow down enough to receive the messages from spirit that were appearing in my life over the past month.

So ask yourself, are you manifesting your desired feelings each day, or are you racing to some finish line and stressing out along the way? What if I told you if you keep going about it in that way, you might never get what you want, or if you do, you probably won’t even enjoy it when you have it. Because it’s not about the things. It’s about the feelings. When you master the feelings, you manifest the things.

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