Specific Vs Non Specific Manifesting (Podcast Episode 61)

Specific Vs Non Specific Manifesting Human Design

Did You Know That Different People Could Have Either Specific Or Non Specific Manifesting Styles?

So many of us in the witchcraft and manifestation communities that we have to be super specific with our intentions.

We’ve been told we must know EXACTLY what we want in order to be successful, and be able to perfectly describe “what it looks like.”

Some of us have even been shamed for not being able to clearly visualize every detail of what we want.

But as it turns out, there are both specific and non-specific manifestation styles, and Human Design can help us figure out which style is our natural way of being.

In my experience, manifestation “experts” are constantly telling us that the only way to manifest the reality we desire is to get SUPER specific about what we want, and be able to visualize it down to the tiniest details…

And I’ll admit that for quite a while earlier in my journey, this used to REALLY trip me up.

I was brainwashed into believing that if I wasn’t obsessively specific about what I thought I wanted, I would be doomed to keep manifesting a shitty reality.

Well, I’m here to tell you that BS (belief system) is just not true.

In fact, under the influence of mentors who were pushing that idea, I actually ended up manifesting a life I DIDN’T want, by trying wayyy too hard to be specific about things I deep down wasn’t really sure about.

It was a pretty rough time, and it took a ton of deconditioning and the destruction of everything I’d created in order to re-find myself, get down to my true core desires and then rise from the ashes like Fawkes the Phoenix…

Not gonna lie, there were times in that process when I felt a lot like the way J.K. Rowling describes Fawkes in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets… Like I was a “decrepit looking bird who resembled a half-plucked turkey, standing on a golden perch.”

… Don’t ask why I remember that line word for word, but my Inner Child has been looking for an excuse to use it to illustrate a point of some kind for nearly 20 years now, and now, due to ways and means I never could have predicted when I was 12 years old, now I have fulfilled that desire. Case in point.

Anyway, don’t get me wrong, I’m not mad that I had to go through that extremely painful process of manifesting a life I didn’t really want and then losing it all and having to rebuild from the ground up.

I understand now that everything we experience in this reality happens FOR us, not TO us, and it was by drinking that Kool-Aid that I’m now able to understand without a shadow of a doubt how manifestation REALLY works, and how to stay connected to my TRUE core desires at all times… And that I now have the honor and privilege of sharing my story with you, so you hopefully don’t have to learn the hard way like I did.

Here’s the thing – manifestation mentors are not wrong when they say you have to be clear on your desires. That’s actually really true, and it’s an absolutely vital part of the manifestation process.

It’s true that you should never EVER try to manifest from a place of running away from what you don’t want, without having some sense of clarity about what you would RATHER be experiencing. I made that mistake for a long time, too, at the very beginning of my spiritual journey, and trust me, it ain’t pretty.

But that being said, what most manifestation resources fail to fully illustrate for you is the fact that being attuned to your desires does NOT have to mean forcing yourself to pull “specific” so-called desires out of your ass just for the sake of pretending you’re clear on what you want.

To give you an example of what this looks like, take my own mentorship career for instance…

Years ago, when my business consisted of running free courses on Youtube and selling hand made grimoir journals on Etsy, what I really desired most was the ability to receive monetary compensation in exchange for my knowledge of witchcraft so that I wouldn’t be under so much pressure to crank out handmade products in order to reach my income needs.

So I got involved in the online coaching world, where I was being influenced to put all of my energy into becoming a coach… and not just becoming a coach, but also following the same business models as other coaches, having the same goals as them, and constantly keeping up with the Joneses, trying to manifest the same kinds of shiny objects and success symbols that everyone else in that industry was showing off.

Because I had never actually seen any tangible examples of what my version of success might look like in the real world, I fell for the trap of believing I had to model “success” based on what other people were doing.

I believe there’s a somewhat toxic pattern in the manifestation coaching world where mentors see that people are unclear on what they actually desire, so they sort of brainwash them into wanting the same kind of life the mentor has, showing off that lifestyle almost like a carrot on a string to get people to follow their lead, take their courses and perpetuate their legacy…

There’s an old adage that says, “if you don’t follow your own dreams, you’ll naturally fall into the role of helping someone else fulfill their dreams.” And I believe that is true.

The Universe expands and evolves and develops through desire, and if you’re not in touch with your own desires, the world will use your energy to fulfill other desires that are stronger or more focused than yours.

Unfortunately, I think what happens a lot of the time in the online manifestation community is that mentors are telling people to follow their dreams, but they sort of prey on the fact that most people are really not clear on what their dreams are, so they paint this picture of what success looks like, and tell people the only way to manifest it is to follow the leader…

And often times, what really ends up happening is that the follower gets some of their needs met by following the leader, but if they’re not truly aligned with the path they’re following, they’re still mainly just feeding into mentor’s dream, while their own true desires are going unfulfilled.

I know that all sounds really cynical, but it’s true. AndI’m by no means saying that every manifestation coach is doing this, especially not intentionally! I think a lot of the time, everyone involved has good intentions at heart, but you know what they say – the road to hell is paved with good intentions…

…Okay, now that saying is actually way too cynical even for me lol! But put in the context of people running around trying to manifest from a place of false clarity; well, it’s definitely been known to happen!

A saying that was drilled into my head over and over again earlier in my manifestation journey was the question, “what does that LOOK like?”

You might have experienced this too – where someone asks you what you desire most, and you respond by describing a feeling, like “I want to feel happy,” or “I want to experience financial freedom.” And then they reply with, “well, what would that LOOK like?

And if you don’t know exactly what that would LOOK like, you might feel pressured to make something up on the spot, especially if you’re in a manifestation course where there’s a time pressure on you to move through the course materials in a certain amount of time, or to keep up with the progress of everyone else in the course.

So maybe you get advised to scroll on Instagram or Pinterest to make a vision board of things other people have that you think you would want. Or maybe you’re told to model someone else’s success by doing things the way they do them in order to achieve happiness. Or maybe you’re ushered into following the same business plan as someone else, and you’re told all you have to do is “do the work” and you’ll become successful…

And the next thing you know, you’re racing toward THINGS, rather than genuine desires, and you end up feeling confused, exhausted, burnt out and unstable, because you’ve lost sight of the true desired feeling you were even trying to manifest in the first place.

In my example, I allowed myself to be convinced that what would make me happy was a career in online coaching, to buy a fancy house in California, to get married, and to have a closet full of Chanel bags…

So I started chasing those kinds of things, and what I ended up with was:

– A business model that was totally draining away all of my energy.

– Losing my sense of genuine intuition, inspiration and creative expression.

– Making really weird and limiting relationship decisions, rather than having fun meeting kindred spirits without it being tainted with expectations.

– Racking up a really high business coaching bill, try to learn strategies that didn’t resonate with me.

– Starting way too many projects and focusing way too much on how I was going to reach more people when really I should have been focused on nurturing the projects and audience I already had.

– Racing through my projects and experiences because I constantly felt a false sense of urgency to make everything happened within bogus Time limitations.

– And having an overall really difficult Time keeping up with the Coach-dashians.

because deep down, thespecific things I was trying to manifest were not really all that connected to what my soul was really yearning for.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, a successful career sharing my wisdom with people online, a beautiful home somewhere nice, a healthy and fulfilling relationship and killer fashion finds are definitely all things that can, will, and do contribute to my happiness and success… but because I was being pushed to get CRAZY specific about “what that would look like,” I got sucked into an extremely frustrating and somewhat destructive rabbit hole of trying to control all of the details of how the essence of those desires could be filled, and totally ended up LOWERING my vibration in the process.

After hitting a wall with all that BS and watching all of those faulty foundations come crashing down around me in a dramatic scene that energetically resembled the Tower card of the Tarot, I sat down with myself in the wreckage and had a real heart to heart with my True Self.

With nothing left to distract me from the bare bones basics of my soul’s true values and true desires, I discovered that what I really desired at a core level were simply financial freedom and emotional freedom… That’s it!

When I asked myself again, “what would that look like?” it occurred to me that, although I could write down some ideas of what that could potentially look like with my limited human perspective, when it really came down to it, I had no fucking idea… and that was the absolute beauty of it!

Maybe for some people, visualizing the EXACT preexisting thing or tangible outcome of what they want is the most genuine and effective way to manifest the life they desire… but for others of us, we are literally here to experience the beauty of openness that is the essence of this Realm Of Possibility that we live in.

Once it really hit me that my ONLY responsibility in life was to ask myself how I wanted to FEEL, and then to make decisions that were in direct and immediate alignment with those desired emotions, it was the most freeing and liberating moment of my entire life.

I no longer felt trapped and limited by the belief that the only way to experience the best life possible was to put myself inside a box of how other people define success.

I realized that I did not have to be able to compartmentalize my happiness into pictures of objects on a vision board, or to crystalize a vision in my mind of what success had to look like, and see it the same way every night at meditation time.

I realized that the Universe is so infinitely abundant and limitless, that the conscious human mind could NEVER even remotely imagine all of the possibilities of what could happen, because the innovative outcomes that are meant for some of us are literally unprecedented in society, and the only way for us to experience them is to create them as we go along, following our intuitive hunches from one moment to the next.

I realized that my success was not only inevitable simply by staying true to my genuine desired feelings in every given moment, but also that my success was not something that only existed in the future.

I realized that my success is not something that’s based on outside circumstances or could only be attained by meeting certain prerequisites that someone else defined.

I realized that my success already existed in the present moment simply because for the first time ever, I was actually genuinely embodying my core desired feelings without needing anybody’s permission but my own.

And ya know what? After having that realization, I immediately started manifesting people, places, things, resources and experiences that were not only FUN and fulfilling in their own self-contained way, but also that showed me through personal experience exactly how to narrow down the more specific details of what I wanted to manifest next.

It’s like all the stars aligned and everything just “clicked.” For the first time in my life, it all made perfect sense, and I was actually able to look back even at my darkest hours and realize precisely why I’d manifested those shitty conditions in order to learn through contrast exactly what I would rather be experiencing…

Not by pulling shit out of my ass, but literally by getting clear on the FEELINGS I wanted to have and the way I wanted to spend the precious hours of my day from one moment to the next.

So, in conclusion, the point I’m trying to make here is that, if you know without a shadow of a doubt that what you desire is a specific make and model of your dream car, and you just happen to know with absolute certainty that a specific business plan will be aligned for you to make that goal happen, then more power to ya.

But if you’re like so many of us misfits out here who are ushering in the Age Of Aquarius by exploring, experimenting, conjuring up a new reality out of the ether, and following our intuition wherever it leads us in the infinite Realms Of Possibility… and most importantly, choosing to be our true genuine selves and having FUN with the intrigue of the unknown… then you have come to the right place!

Please know that the unfoldment of your BEST possible life could NEVER be summed up with a painstakingly pristine visualization session, or a list of goals or a vision board on Pinterest. Your dream life is never going to look exactly like someone elses, and your path to get there is never going to perfectly fall in line with the way someone else supposedly reached their pedestal of success.

The world we are creating, and the wonderland your Higher Self has in store for you could never be defined by sitting down and trying to answer the question, “what would that look like.

We are creating our new reality one second at a time, one aligned decision at a time. One moment of true, genuine happiness at a time. One hour of doing what we truly love at a time.

And its by allowing ourselves to be at peace with the Unknown, and by trusting that we are truly in alignment when we give ourselves permission to “not know” what or how we’re manifesting – but to still feel amazing and have fun anyway – that we create the space in our aura to receive the ideas, inspiration, tools and resources we need to discover the next steps in designing our fairytale.

And of course, the very best way to find your bliss and stay in a healthy, effortless pattern of following it directly to the most incredible manifestations imaginable (or should I say, un-imaginable?) is to focus your attention on being your genuine best self by way of the alchemical building blocks of reality (Fire, Water, Air, Earth and Spirit) and by navigating through the Seasons of your life using the plant-tend-harvest-release cycle that pervades through the manifestation process of everything in the Universe.

Thats the essence of the Affluence Alchemy Manifestation Method.

It’s EASY to understand, easy to implement, and easy to embody on a daily basis. And it’s exactly how I arrived at that mind-blowing moment of true clarity described above.

Curious about how it works? Go to the link associated with this episode for a full explanation, and to discover if Alchemy Of Affluence Academy is your next step in merging into the realm of your dream life.

Unlike the pressure and anxiety riddled manifestation courses described earlier, Alchemy Of Affluence Academy is dedicated to giving you the tools, resources, inspiration and support you need to embody your OWN sense of unshakable power so you can discover in your own unique understanding of your heart’s true desires… So you can live every day of your life in alignment with them.

The courses are financially accessible, easy to absorb, and available with instant lifetime access so you can go at your own pace and honor the natural timing of your own soul’s path.

Thank you so much for listening, and for being a part of this incredible magickal journey! Until next time, blessed be.

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