Tips For New Witches With Rachel Ceness and Michele Alund (Podcast Episode 44)

Tips For New Witches

Sometimes, the best tips for new witches come from other new witches!

Some of the most inspiring wisdom, ideas and stories are the ones shared shortly after a spiritual awakening.

That’s why I invited Rachel and Michele from Magical Moon And Sage over for a chat about how they found their paths, what they’ve learned so far, and how they share their wisdom with other curious seekers.

These ladies may be new to the witchcraft path, but they’re no strangers to magick! They’re the two enchanting personalities behind Magical Moon and Sage, their brand which is bringing ritual tools to Buffalo, New York and beyond, made with love. They believe intuition often starts with curiosity, and they’re bridging the gap between curiosity and the full-on spiritual awakening for those who are just starting to dabble.

We’re chatting about:

  • Navigating through a spiritual awakening.
  • How these days, it’s like the word “Universe” is the only way to refer to universal consciousness that doesn’t automatically offend or isolate anyone (except… you know, THOSE people).
  • Actual ghosts.
  • How rocking out to Highly Suspect can be a form of meditation.
  • A gated community of all psychic mediums.
  • Witch hunts in the workplace.
  • …And more!

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