Fill Your Own Cauldron First – Self Care Tips For Witches With Laura Daligan (Podcast Episode 42)

Fill Your Own Cauldron First - Self Care Tips For Witches (Podcast With Laura Daligan)

These self care tips for witches will inspire you to “fill your own cup first!”

As magickal people, we’re empathic and need to set healthy boundaries with ourselves and others to keep our energy protected.

I invite you to join me and Laura Daligan for a chat… She’s one of the very first witches I looked to as a teacher many years ago when I was first finding my witchy path.

We’re chatting about:

  • How the witchcraft path has helped so many of us to see that being a creative and sensitive person is a strength, not a weakness.
  • How discovering your magick doesn’t change you, so much as it gives you space to be more of who you already are.
  • The importance of staying connected to your art form or intuitive gift, rather than letting yourself get swept away in the busy-ness a creative entrepreneurial path.
  • Striking a balance between creating what we think we want to make, vs waiting for spirit to channel a meaningful project through us.
  • How spiritual healers and girl bosses tend to give to their clients and audience and forget to allow themselves to receive.
  • The magick of pursuing a gothic romance with Money.
  • The power of NOT forgetting that you, as a witch, have the power to simply ask, and you shall receive.
  • Why you should be channeling dragon energy.

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