How To Follow Your Intuition In Life and Business With Kelly Marcyniuk (Podcast Episode 37)

How To Follow Your Intuition In lIfe And Business (Podcast With Kelly Marcyniuk)

Have you gotten in the habit of consistently following your intuition?

Everyone has an inner guidance system that knows what’s best for you.

Some of us have been told our intuitions were wrong or bad, or have ignored it for various reasons.

But when we reclaim our connection to Self and start listening to our intuition for life and career decisions, it’s amazing how the course of our lives can change for the better! I invite you to join me and Kelly Marcyniuk (The Freedom Babe) for a chat about:

  •  Kelly‚Äôs childhood story of psychically predicting 9/11, and her journey to no longer fearing her intuition afterward.
  • The importance of incorporating other interests into your daily practice, outside of the stereotypical spiritual, biz and self-development subjects.
  • How spiritual enlightenment and living an entrepreneurial life go hand in hand.
  •  Balancing feminine and masculine energy to manifest a freedom lifestyle.
  • The importance of being open to your desires manifesting in unexpected ways rather than being a control freak.
  •  Quieting your inner troll by rewriting your story.
How To Follow Your Intuition In lIfe And Business (Podcast With Kelly Marcyniuk)

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