Spiritual Materialism, My Rags To Riches Story (Alchemy Of Affluence Podcast Season 36)

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Can shopping be a spiritual practice?


Along my eclectic path, I’ve explored everything from the Starving Buddha life to laying in the Lap of Laksmi… And every aspect of the full circle journey have taught me the true value of a dollar!


As I’m leaning fully into Wealth Witchcraft for this chapter of my journey, it calls me to share my story of how materialism (and the lack there of) have shaped my views on manifestation and the soul’s journey.


In this episode, we’re chatting about:


The secret to why my material abundance has grown exponentially in the past 2 years.


Debunking the pervading societal belief that money and spirituality are somehow separate.


Why it’s your responsibility as a spiritual person to become rich.


How I broke an Earth Element curse I was under for 15 years.


Spilling the tea about my past shopping addiction and my “starving Buddha” phase where I gave up all of my material possessions, including my hair!


That one time when I used the force on someone…


Why the Ego is a useful spirit guide along a spiritual path.



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Using the Sun and Moon as my guide, I’m always learning more about how to plant, tend, and harvest my goals! I’ve used my own unique combination of Elemental Alchemy, Seasonal Manifesting, Shadow Work, Light Work, Tarot, and Journaling to manifest everything I’m now thankful for in my life!


And now, I’ve articulated this method into a formula to share with you!


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