15 Core Beliefs Of A Successful Biz Witch – (Podcast Episode 30)

15 Core Beliefs Of A Successful Biz Witch

Are you a biz witch (or aspiring biz witch)?

It takes passion, deterimination and trust in your intuition to have a successful witchy business.

After generations of non-spiritual business practices in society, it’s our mission to reclaim what it means to make an honest living in the world… It can be quite challenging!

Often times, I’ve been asked how I stay so consitent in pursuing my passion, rain or shine. Well, it’s because I’ve trained myself to believe these 15 things…

This episode of The Alchemy Of Affluence Podcast is derived from a blog post below. In the post, I listed 15 of my core values that have helped me succeed at business. But for the podcast version, I’m going into depth and elaborating on how these concepts can show up in your life and biz. And I’m providing you with some tips and insights into how you can integrate this wisdom into your success story this year!

Being an entrepreneur, much like being a witch, is an act of faith.

Faith in the Universe and faith in oneself.

Here are 15 affirmations I use to keep me focused on my passion, purpose and power as a biz witch…

1. I believe that we are all born to overcome our perceived weaknesses and transform them into strengths.

2. I believe that everyone deserves to receive abundance just for choosing to pursue the passions they were born with in a way that can help others live better lives.

3. I believe that ease, grace, flow, and abundance are natural effects of living in alignment with the purpose we’re meant to serve.

4. I believe that circumstances in life are mirrors of what we need to learn about ourselves, and every challenge is an opportunity for growth.

5. I believe that if everyone were valued for using their natural gifts, passions and talents to help others, everyone would be rich and happy.

6. I believe that it’s never too late to start being your best self.

7. I believe that if you truly believe you are meant to achieve something, you will make it happen one way or another, because you are divinely guided to live your truth.

9. I believe that the keys to turning your passion into your aligned calling are personal connection and providing service.

10. I believe that life is a balance of masculine and feminine energy that together create a whole picture. In witchy business, the masculine is represented by strategic action, and the feminine is represented by inspiration and compassion.

11. I believe that in order to live your best life, you need all of your chakras and all five elements aligned, so energy work is imperative.

12. I believe that I was born to be an artist, and to mentor other artists and creatives to boldly shine their light, and use their gifts to make the world a better place to live in.

13. I believe that everyone deserves to have their conscious lifestyle be their job, if they so choose.

14. I believe that failure is not an option if it’s really your true calling, and challenges are just chapters in your success story.

15. I believe that the forces of nature, like the sun, moon, an seasons have lessons and guidance in them for us to use to receive more ease in life.

So what beliefs help keep you aligned with your north star vision for your life and business?

I invite you to share yours in the comments!

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