How To Break Karmic Patterns – Karma and the Law Of Attraction (Podcast Episode 17)

How To Break Karmic Patterns - Karma And The Law Of Attraction

Is there a link between Karma and the Law Of Attraction?

Does having a positive mindset always prevent suffering in life?

Sometimes we actually manifest challenges so that we can move beyond percieved limitations.

In the Law Of Attraction community, everybody likes to show off the awesome things they’ve manifested… But does anyone ever stop to show their vulnerability and touch upon how it feels to navigate through the super hard parts of up-leveling?

I do! I believe our greatest strengths come disguised as our biggest weaknesses. And it’s up to us to ask for the support we need, “to learn how to use a fishing pole, not just wish for fish.”

Here’s how to cleanse your karma as you learn how to manifest what you want….

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