Samhain Shadow Work (Exploring Our Darkness Around Halloween Time)

Halloween The Season Of Shadow Work

Did you know that Halloween is the season for Samhain “shadow work?”

Perhaps you’re already familiar with the spiritual / self development modality known as “shadow work.”

Or maybe you’ve been hearing it floating around as a buzz word, but haven’t yet found a tangible, sustainable and beneficial way of incorporating it into your practice…

Well, here’s your invitation!

What I love about living seasonally in alignment with the eight witch’s sabbats on the Wheel Of The Year is that every important area of life is covered in the themes of one or more seasons. Late autumn is a natural time for acknowledging our “shadows” and making peace with them in whatever way is healthiest for us at this phase in our development.

Watch or read on to get a relatable perspective on the themes of the Samhain sabbat, along with some practical tips on how to incorporate them into your self-development practice this time of year.

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