Reconnect With Your Inner Child: Guided Meditaton And Journaling Ritual

Connect with your childhood self to heal and grow your imagination as an adult.

Inner Child Guided Meditation And Journal Prompts

One of the most effective ways to manifest our highest desires for our lives is to commune with our own Inner Archetypes.

Just as many self development practitioners and spiritualists connect with their Higher Self or Spirit Guides, I am constantly in dialogue with aspects of my own soul’s essence, like my Ideal Future Self, my Past Self, and my Inner Child.

The Inner Child is the version of your childhood self which lives inside your personality, acting out through your current experiences in various ways.

It’s the part of you that’s responsible for a lot of your hopes and fears, as well as your ability to feel loved, supported, at peace and at play… And perhaps most importantly, since your Inner Child is strongly linked to your imagination, it’s extremely connected to your ability to dream, visualize, create and MANIFEST.


The first time you do this meditation, you’ll connect or reconnect with your childlike self, and you’ll return to everyday life with your Inner Child as a sort of spirit guide which you can turn to any time you need their innocence, creativity and wisdom along your journey.

You’ll receive instant access to the recording, which you can download to your devise and play whenever you need to drop into your inner magick.

Also included is a beautiful set of journal prompt pages I’ve designed for you. Here, you can write down the insights and messages from your meditation.

The color versions are an “instant” option for a gorgeous looking grimoire, and the black and white option allows you to save on ink and have fun decorating the pages yourself. You’ll also have the option to print full page 8.5″x11″ sheets for your 3-ring binder, or you can use my 5.5″x8.5″ folded book template.

Curious what your Inner Child has to say?

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