How To Celebrate Samhain – Rituals, Symbols and Traditions For A Witchy Halloween Season (Podcast Episode 103)

How To Celebrate Samhain With Simple Witchy Rituals

Looking for some witchy ideas on how to celebrate “Samhain” that will benefit you even if you’re not Wiccan?

Here are 6 simple ideas for “Samhain” rituals that are based on the most fundamental themes of the Halloween season.

What is the true meaning of “Halloween” or “Samhain?”

The popular secular holiday of “Halloween” is a combination of universal themes representing death, darkness, fear and the unknown. It’s a hodge-podge of “spooky” traditions from all around the world.

Listen or read on to get some inspiration on how to work with the themes of this season to heal and maximize your fulfillment…

Burnt jack-o-lantern

The origin of Halloween has it’s roots predominantly in Celtic pagan and old Catholic traditions. But it encompasses concepts that are relevant to all of the human experience. This is why it’s now becoming popular worldwide, transcending culture and religion.

The word “Halloween” is a spin on the words, “All Hallows Eve,” which was the name of a medieval Catholic holiday that honored the dead. But it came from the much older pagan festival of “Samhain.” Samhain rituals, traditions and symbols have been adapted over and over again by new generations of people, leading up to today.

Red autumn leaves and orange marigold flowers

Over the years, as European culture mingled with indigenous cultures in the “New World” and beyond, even more customs involving these themes of death, darkness and mystery have been added to the Halloween spirit.

Regardless of what background you com from, anyone can benefit from tapping into the simple, universal wisdom of the season surrounding November 1st.

Woman with witch hat and pumpkin.

Late October into early November has always been a natural time for humans to connect with our darker nature… And in these “unprecedented” times we’re living in today, it’s crucial that we all learn to understand and balance our fears with holistic values so that we can create a better world.

The “Samhain” season is the perfect time of year to naturally tap into the hidden power of “darkness” and mystery to uncover our hidden strengths and our courage.

Terry Pratchet quote - a witch in the forest.

In this episode, of the Alchemy Of Affluence Podcast, I’m sharing with you some of the most important themes to focus on in your magickal practice this season. I’m also sharing an empowering perspective on how these ancient themes can directly help you manifest your highest desires in the current state of affairs in the world.

We’ll be diving into these “Samhain” symbols to craft simple, nourishing rituals for the soul:

  • Mourning – What have you left behind in the past year? Tips on how to move through that grief and move on to a new chapter.
  • Killing off – What patterns do you need to bring to an end? Tips on how to “kill off” your “inner demons,” (limiting belief systems).
woman in fake hallows at haunted house
  • Darkness – Are you afraid of the dark? Are you fully occupying your physical and energetic space so that it feels safe, rather than scary? How to step into the enchanting mystery of darkness.
  • The Unknown – How do you feel about the unknown? There’s more darkness in the Universe than light, and it both scares us and calls to us. How to lean into the “Realm Of Possibility.”
woman under a bridge in autumn
  • The Shadow Self – think of some aspects of yourself that you’ve been rejecting, and ask yourself how you can celebrate them in a healthy and compassionate way. How to accept all parts of ourselves so we can can we have a more fulfilling life.
  • Death – Are you able to see the “good” in “goodbye?” “Death” is the end of something which creates space for something new. Some thoughts on balancing sadness with celebration.
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