Midsummer Magick! DIY Parchment Jar Labels for Wildflower Bouquets!


Happy Midsummer Vibes!
However you celebrate, I hope everyone is enjoying the weather in whatever way fills your life with magick!
For me, Midsummer is a lot about wildflowers! Its about daisies and dandelions and clovers and all of natures colorful little gifts that some muggles think of as “weeds.” In my neighborhood, we’re expected to keep our lawns mowed (for some unfathomable reason). However! I’m fortunate enough to know of a hill nearby where the flowers are allowed to grow to their hearts’ content, and with gratitude in my heart, I like to take a walk there around Midsummer and gather a few of those gifts.


This Midsummer season is a very special one for me, because I’m celebrating two whole years of GypsyWytch Diaries! It was two summers ago that I learned to make my stained parchment paper, and began designing the Magick Diaries that so many of you have supported my by purchasing! I’m finally being paid to do what I love to do; using my creative skills to add magick to people’s lives!

In the spirit of gratitude and abundance, I bring you this fun tutorial, combining the magick of technology with the magick of the home/hearth, and the magick of nature! In this DIY how-to, you will learn the actual process I use to create the pages of the GypsyWytch Diaries. Enjoy!

Step 1: Download and Print this Label!
(Or if you’re Photoshop savvy, design your own!)
Step 2: Wrinkle the Paper
Ball it up and carefully flatten it back out again. Then place it into an oven-safe pan.
Step 3: Stain the Paper
Pour coffee or black tea over the paper and swoosh it around for a second, then pour the liquid out. The paper should cling to the bottom of the pan.
Step 4: Dry the Paper
Pop the pan into a hot oven until the water evaporates. This should really only take a couple of minutes, and you don’t want to burn it!
Step 5: Glue the Parchment onto a Jar
After they cool, glue the labels onto your choice of recycled sauce jars with a glue gun.
Step 6 (optional) prepare the water
Just a little witchy tidbit: crushed willow bark added to your bouquet water keeps your flowers alive for longer!
Step 7: Pick your flowers and arrange your bouquet!




I hope you enjoyed this whimsical little tutorial, and that knowing how to age your own parchment doesn’t detour you from buying parchment products from my shop 😉

Thanks for reading, and may your summer be as colorful as a jar of wildflowers!

Blessed Be!


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