Alchemy Of Affluence Membership With Printable Grimoire Pages

alchemy of affluence academy membership

Are you an active Alchemy Of Affluence Podcast listener looking to IMPLEMENT what you’re learning, and connect with kindred spirits?

I invite you to join our private community with monthly printable grimoire pages for each new episode topic!

I’ve received messages from listeners like you, letting me know that you’re not like other witches… That you’re glad there’s someone else out there who’s on this witchy self development path, and you’re craving more connection.

I’ve also chatted with some listeners who want to establish, deepen, or reconnect to their spiritual path, and are looking for an easy way to stay grounded and engaged with their practice.

The Alchemy Of Affluence Membership is my response to both of these desires!

free PUMPKIN printables
Pumpkin correspondances page from episode 120

Here’s what’s included for just $11.11 per month:

  • With your membership, you get access to our private Facebook group, where we’ll be connecting about the topics shared in each new podcast episode. Every time you have an “aha” moment while listening to the podcast, you can discuss it with a group of likeminded friends! No more feeling like you’re the only one who “gets” it.
  • For each episode that comes out, I’ll be posting a discussion prompt in the group, as well as creating printable grimoire pages with journal prompts! So now you can dive deeper into each topic and get more and more clear on your personal values as a witch. You’ll have a deeper understanding of your own core values, and more confidence in your craft as a result.
  • Your membership comes with two different style options for your printable journal pages: If you’re a simple binder style BOS kind of person, you can use the 8.5″ x 11″ templates. Just print, hole punch and go! Or if you’re like me and prefer to craft a bound book style journal, you can use my 5.5″ x 8.5″ folded book templates.
  • Members also get unlimited discounts of 22% off digital products through my Etsy shop! There, you’ll find many more compatible printables to build your binder style or booklet style journal. Gone are the days of not knowing what to put in your witchy journal. And the best part is, they’re printable, so if you “mess up” your page, or have new thoughts about a subject, you can ball it up and print a new one!

Your monthly recurring payment of $11.11 will support me to keep creating great content for the podcast, and helps you build both your book of shadows and your self love practice!

Thank you so much for supporting this magickal adventure, and for being your magickal self!

I’ll see you in the group!

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