Tarot Readings (Podcast)


Lets tap into the infinite wisdom of your Higher Self to get clear on your next steps to success!


You’re so over playing the guessing game, trying to figure out what to do next in your journey to manifest your dream life… 


You KNOW there is a better way… A route of ease and excitement awaiting you, if you could only find joy in the process and a system for getting into (and staying in) alignment with your soul’s highest path…


Well, no amount of seeking advice from outside of yourself is going to put you in alignment with YOUR Highest Truth until you turn inward to seek the answers from within your own soul.



Tarot is one of the most powerful tools you can use in the journey to Know Thyself.


Tarot for personal development is not about obsessing over any “fixed” future. It’s about using psychology and the Law of Attraction to make empowered decisions that are right for YOU!


In my method of using the Tarot for personal development, I lay out the cards with one simple objective: to gain insight into the subconscious mind (the abode of both the Ego and the Higher Self) and thereby understand the hidden desires, fears, and intentions that may be silently steering your life.


At any given moment, each of us is emitting a frequency that resonates with what we think, feel, and express, both consciously and subconsciously. At the time of a reading, we attract a set of cards to us based on our current vibration, which are exactly what we need to see in order to have the awareness we need to move forward.


By peering into the themes occupying our subconscious mind at the present moment, we gain the power to consciously take the wheel and work with those themes to steer the direction of our life.

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Lets get you in alignment with your Highest Path of ease, flow, and excitement so you are living as your best self!

…Because happiness and success are meant to be part of the journey, not just the destination!

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Step 1: We begin with a texting sesh to get anchored into your current desires and challenges.

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Step 2: I call in your Higher Self (and/or the Soul Of Your Business, if it’s a biz reading) and perform your Tarot reading. It will be sent to you as a photo of your spread and an audio recording which you get to keep and replay as you take action on your insights.


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Choose Your Adventure…


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This spread draws one card for each of the Five Elements as they appear in your current situation.


​It’s a clear, to-the-point reading which focuses on each aspect of your life.

We’ll draw a card for each of the five alchemical elements in your present experience: 

Earth represents your physical world of finances, food, clothing, shelter, security, health and family life. 

Air represents your state of mind, decision-making, beliefs, thoughts, and ideas. 

Fire represents your passion, drive, ambition, motivation, intentions, and action to make things happen. 

Water represents your emotions and spiritual inspirations; matters of the heart.

The big element here is Spirit, which represents the main objective in your soul’s current state of evolution.

The sixth card provides an overall piece of advice from your Higher Self on how to move forward with your vision!

This reading will provide you with the insight to balance your lifestyle into alignment with your highest good at this phase of your life!

When our elements are balanced, we are vibrating at the frequency of health, wealth and joy!


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This reading is an extremely in-depth analysis of every aspect of your life, from the perspective of the present situation. 

​It’s a very in-depth snapshot of the energies in your life at the time of the reading.

Whether you’d like insight into a particular aspect of your life, or an overall analysis of where you are along your path, this spread will provide a thorough examination of your situation with deep insight on how to move forward.

The cross in the center of the spread represents the crossroads you are at, where different concepts of your development are playing off of each other to create the potential for a new learning experience.

The other card positions provide insight into how you got to where you are now, where you may be headed, and how you can empower yourself to choose which path to take for your highest good.

You will gain a deeper understanding of how all the areas of your life are connected, and receive innovative ideas on how you can use your perceived strengths and weaknesses to step into your fullest potential and serve your own best intentions and your soul’s higher evolution.


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This is the reading to gain insight on relationships of all kinds.


Whether it’s a romantic interest, a friend, a colleague or even a project, idea, or entity in your life, this 5 card reading will give you clarity on the current nature of the connection, what value each party brings to the table, what may be challenging between you, and how best to proceed forward for the highest good of all involved.


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I have been connected to Afura for several years now and consider her wisdom and guidance an instrumental part of my spiritual and personal growth. 

My Tarot reading was a key part of my decision to leave a codependent relationship and step into my own power. My trust in her prompted me to sign up for her program. I have connected with kindred spirits and begun a journey to self-fulfillment. My passions would have stayed shelved and dusty for much longer if I didn’t have the support and prompts from Afura to believe in and go after my goals. She is truly a magical person. I love her “keep it real” attitude and her suggestions that allow me to bring Magick into my every day life.



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 I was extremely thrilled to have my reading done by Afura. She more than answered my question. She totally nailed all the feelings I am having. 

The more amazing part is that she brought to light feelings that were totally buried or that I had chosen to ignore. After reading it the first time, I had to sit and let my spirit process it. I was speechless. It was more than I ever could have imagined it to be.  The descriptions and explanations were easy to understand and very detailed. The message was delivered with such kindness and compassion. I can’t say enough great things about it.

I think you just have to experience one to understand. This was my first one, but I absolutely know it will not be my last.     



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Afura is a very intelligent and beautiful individual, having a fresh and unique perspective and knowledge of symbolism integrated into her divination.

Despite my effort to understand my own situation, I kept running in circles. Her support granted me hidden awareness, aiding me in understanding not only my situation, but myself. The best thing is, it gave me hope, which is unique.

No one can truly change our lives for us, but Afura can bring us the key.



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