Writing Witch Handmade Grimoires

Have you been looking for the perfect grimoire, book of shadows or spiritual journal for your unique practice?

I founded the Writing Witch Shop because I needed a journal worthy of writing my own story in… And I want you to have that too!

On this page, you will find all of the journal designs I’ve created thus far in my 7+ years of being a writing witch! Some of these I dreamed up myself, but many of them were originally created as custom commissions for magickal mavens like you!

I invite you to commission me to recreate your own slightly unique version of any of these styles… or even start totally from scratch with a brand new design just for you!

Would you like me to make you your very own special journal idea?

The Custom Diary option is for you! Choose from a bound book, an A5 binder or a large binder with 8.5″x11″ pages.

Here Are Some Journal Designs That You Can Order Currently

See “Learn More” to see how you can add slight customizations, like changing the color scheme or selecting either a bound book or a binder.

“Book Of Shadows”

“Power Of Five”

“The Witching Moon”

“Unicorn Magick”

“Cat Magick”

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“Butterfly Magick”

“Raven Magick

“Animal Magick”

“Accross the Universe”

“Sun And Moon”

“New Moon”

“Kawaii Moon”

“Divine Feminine”

“Egyptian Magick”

“Mermaid Magick”

“Water Element”

“Sea Witch”

“Dragon Magick”

“Earth Elementals”

“Forest Faerie”

“Angel Guidance”

“Fortune Teller”

“Lilac Faerie”

“Fairytale Princess”

“Magick Academy”

“Man In The Moon”

“Festival Of Fools”

“Nature Is My Church”

“Know Thyself”

“Lock Heart”