Custom Themed Journal

Did you know you could commission me to make a special grimoire just for you?

Well, you can! Here are the deets!

Love what you see in my shop, but would like to request a special theme, color scheme, or a name dedication? This is the option for you!

Every magickal crickly page is designed, dyed, and bound by hand. Each hardcover is a one of a kind work of art, painted and embellished with a unique, enchanting design.

You can choose between a bound book, a small binder or a large binder.

If you choose the bound book, your one of a kind handmade book will measure 6″ x 9.5″ and will include 200 page layouts decorated with borders and illustrations on both sides. (That’s 100 sheets, writable on both sides, for a total of 200 page layouts.)

If you select the small binder, it will have similar measurements to the bound book above, only with hole punched pages in a ring binder, rather than sewn together in a bound book.

Or, you can go for the large binder option, which comes with 50 8.5″x11″ pages with borders and illustrations on both sides for a total of 100 layouts.

The Writing Witch Shop is all about journaling your way to a more magickal life! Sometimes, that means getting really clear on your goals and inspirations! I’m more than happy to go the extra mile for you, and take the time to collect vintage illustrations that fit your specific theme. I’d love to create an all new cover design inspired by your personal dreams and intentions!

After your order is placed, you’ll receive a prompt to email me with your ideas for your journal. If you have questions before purchasing, we can discuss your vision and agree on a color scheme and illustration theme, as well as get clear on any specific title or inscription you’d like embellished on your custom design at

Please note that you are getting a one-of-a-kind custom work of handcrafted art, and while your vision will be the inspiration for the piece, it is made by my hands, with my craftsmanship and design style. This is the option for you if you love my work and are happy to trust in and invest in my creative expertise!

I do my very best to get your diary to you as quickly as possible, and I work from a first-come-first-served project list. It’s my primary goal that you receive my very BEST work. Good handcrafted art takes time, and it is well worth the wait. Processing time can take anywhere from a two weeks to several weeks, so please be patient with the process.

I look forward to working with you!

Free Shipping Is Included!

Free Shipping Is Included!

Free Shipping Is Included!