Magickal Elemental Correspondences – Elements Sabbat Grimoire Prompts For Your Book Of Shadows

I’ve found it super helpful to journal about how I’m experiencing the Elements in my life as I’m rearranging and balancing them to create my dream life.

Are you curious about how I work with the Elements to achieve balance throughout the year?

If so, I’d love to invite you to check out my Elemental Alchemy grimoire pages, designed to keep you in tune with each area of your life, in alignment with the Wheel Of The Year! 

Each season on the witch’s calendar is about six weeks long – giving us ample time and space to experience the themes of the elements as we grow and evolve.

They include some helpful information about how to tangibly work with the Elements along with my favorite elemental journal prompts!

  • You can reuse these journal prompts as many times as you’d like. I like to print off a new set every year. It’s so interesting to observe how your answers to these prompts evolve over time! You’ll get to see how far you’ve come over the years, and what you’ve created in your life!
  • There are 6-8 pages to each chapter, and you’ll have multiple printing options to suit your needs. You can print in full color for an instantly gorgeous grimoire, or you can print in black and white to save on ink or decorate the pages yourself.
  • You’ll also get to choose whether to go for the full page 8.5″x11″ templates (perfect for a 3-ring binder) or you can use my 5.5″x8.5″ folded book templates.
  • All instant download printables include color, black and white, and two different sizing options for binder or junk journal style.
  • And if printing is not your thing, you also have the option to order prints! You can even upgrade to aged looking paper with tattered edges for an antique witchy feel!
Summer Solstice Fire Element Grimoire Prompts Large
August's Eve Fire And Earth Element Grimoire Prompts Large
Autumn Equinox Earth Element Grimoire Prompt Pages Large
November's Eve Earth And Air Element Grimoire Prompt Pages

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