Welcome To The Podcast!

Greetings, magickal maven!

I’m so excited that you’re going to be joining me on the Alchemy Of Affluence podcast!

I want to make sure that you feel prepared and excited before the show, so I put together this guide to get you ready!

The first step is to email a nice, high resolution head shot of you to oddsouldesigns@gmail.com

Next, lets talk about recording! The objective of this episode is for it to have a conversational feel more-so than a traditional interview. However, there is a list of questions I’ll be pulling from to keep the conversation going:

1. What’s your favorite season / sabbat?

2. What inspires you most about working with the Wheel Of The Year?

3. When did you discover the sabbats and how has it benefited you on your path?

4. Do you celebrate with family / friends / others, or is your seasonal practice primarily solitary?

5. Do you usually resonate with the common themes attributed to each season, or do you experience seasons in another unique way? Do you believe your astrology effects your relationship with seasons?

6. Any helpful tips for listeners on how to get the most fulfillment out of each season?

7. What do you look forward to the most?

8. Do you also celebrate any of the pop culture / Christian versions of the holidays? If so do you merge it all together, or do you celebrate them separately in different ways? If you celebrate Christmas, how do you balance the busy-ness with spirituality?

9. Do you use the seasons for manifesting?

10. Are you usually an early decorator, or are you more of a stickler for keeping decorations consistent with the sabbat we’re within 8 weeks of?

11. Which sabbat do you celebrate as the “new year”?

12. Do you celebrate the full moons of each season?

13. How do you teach your kids to work with seasons?

At the end, I’ll ask you about where viewers can find you, how they can work with you and any offers you’re promoting.

Calendly will generate a Zoom link and Google Calendar invitation for you when you’ve submitted your booking form.

For YouTube collaborations, the interview itself is typically 35 minutes long, so that we can split it up and each share 15 – 20 minute halves on our channels. But I block off extra time to get us warmed up and to make sure the tech is working.

For past guests who were used to the audio only format, please note: the podcast will be recorded in VIDEO format to be shared on YouTube in addition to on the audio podcasting platforms. Make sure your web cam is working and nicely angled with some light on your face, and wear something cute!

Below is your podcast guide with info to make sure that audio will be on point!


If you have a professional podcasting mic, great! Please make sure it’s set up before our meeting. If not, no worries! Typically the mic that’s built into your devise will work fine. If not, something like the Abble earbuds with the built in mic will come in clear.

Note: if you are using the Apple headphones/mic that aren’t cordless, just make sure that you are actually holding the mic instead of letting it hang. When it rubs against your shirt, the mic picks up on that static and noise!

* And I have a favor to ask! I’m usually on top of it, but sometimes Zoom wants to default to the crappy mic that’s attached to my webcam, rather than my good podcasting mic. If my audio sounds AT ALL muffled, please don’t be shy about letting me know!

Internet & Devices

Close out of any programs that you won’t be using. This will speed up your computer and internet, and there won’t be notification sounds. This will ensure better quality of the recording! Be sure to silence your phone too 😉

Recording On Zoom

A small but very important note about our conversation: I know it’s a totally natural response to say “uh-huh” or “yup” to express agreement during the other person’s monologues in a convo, but the Zoom app tends to scramble up a little bit when both speakers are making noise at the same time, and the monologue can get choppy unless there’s silence on the other end of the line.

No need to over think it, but please avoid talking over each other, and chime in only when you’re ready to really interject, to ensure a clean recording! I typically keep myself muted and just knod or smile to show engagement between interjections.


I know things happen, and that’s the beauty of being able to edit. However, there are some things you can do to ensure a smooth recording (which means easier editing and more time to talk about the important things):

A quiet room where you can be alone (pets are welcome as long as they’re not distracting and don’t steal the whole show!)

Silence any devices or notifications.

Close the window or turn off the fan if traffic or loud white noise can be picked up on microphone (don’t worry, I’ll let you know if I can hear anything at the beginning of our meeting).

Let any family members or roomates know ahead of time that you’ll need peace and quiet for about an hour.

I’m so excited you’re going to be on the show!

See you then!

Feel free to email me at oddsouldesigns@gmail.com if you have any questions or conserns before recording.

Blessed be,

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