Eco Witch Crafts is all about looking enchanting while making a statement about protecting our planet.

These handcrafted jewelry peices are made of re-purposed CDs that would have otherwise ended up in a landfill.

Plastic is a horrible problem in our society, and we really need to just stop making it for foolish purposes, but in the mean time, the good news is that CDs look really pretty when you turn them into art! This line of CD accessories have an ironic beauty to them, because they look both retro in their 90's holographic style, and futuristic in their otherworldly sort of distopian way... And oddly enough, they also kind of look like crystals or shells too!

As a spiritual person, I have a huge problem with "disposable" plastic, because, lets face it, there IS no such thing as "disposable" plastic. It's not biodegradable, so we humans make it, toss it aside and let it ruin our environment and harm our wildlife.
CDs are a prime example of this... like, if you're anything like me, when is the last time you even used a freaking CD??? With digital music apps and other devises to store our files, CDs have pretty much become a thing of the past... but they're still lying around, and some fools are still making them for unnecessary reasons.

This CD jewelry project began when I was cleaning out my old belongings and found a huge pile of disks that I hadn't touched in years. Some of them were mine and my family's from back when we used to make mix CDs in the early 00's and stored our photos and word documents on disks. Others were actually a collection of data disks from a job I used to work at that had hadn't burned properly and would have been thrown in the trash. By the time I was working that job, I was already aware that disks were wasteful, but my employer insisted on using them, so I hoarded the corrupted ones, hoping to somehow recycle them one day. Well now, I finally have!