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A Year And A Day: Your Book Of Seasons

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Your Book Of Seasons Wheel Of The Year Course

Are you craving more grace, flow, ease and alignment in your everyday life?

I invite you to join me for a year long adventure to discover your most fulfilling life by intuitively connecting with the energy of the seasons!

You may already be familiar with the Wheel Of The Year, or the eight sabbats of the witches… But have you tried the art of living seasonally all year round?

Whether this is your first time hearing about the witch’s calendar, or if you’re a seasoned witch (pun intended!)… This year and a day guided journaling adventure is sure to awaken a new (or renewed) love for your craft, path and practice!

Wheel Of The Year journal prompt pages

I’ve been obsessed with the Wheel Of The Year for several years now.

What’s most powerful about it is that it serves as a guide to living a healthy, balanced and fulfilling life.

It’s not just about observing and celebrating in some prescribed way eight days out of the year… I’ve discovered that the true magick of seasonal living lies in the everyday experiences that take place between the sabbats.

Each of the eight checkpoints on the Wheel Of The Year contains powerful energies and themes that we can easily harness throughout the year. It helps us to keep ourselves inspired, growing, resting, giving, recieving, and releasing that which no longer serves us.

Winter Solstice Junk Journal

Each season on the witch’s calendar is about six weeks long – giving us ample time and space to experience the themes of the season, embrace them intuitively, and align our goals and intentions with the flow of nature.

My favorite way to do this is simply to ask myself a few insightful questions each season.

And now I’ve channeled my most impactful seasonal prompts into beautiful journal pages that you can print and use in your own grimore, book of shadows or spiritual journal.

Wheel Of The Year journal prompt pages

This year and a day adventure is broken up into nine little “chapters.”

There’s an introductory section all about the Wheel Of The Year and seasonal living.

It will help you get grounded in your intentions for your year ahead. It will also help get you inspired to see how you can embody your best self as each of the eight seasons rolls around.

Spring Equinox Ostara Journal Prompt Pages Large Color

Then there’s one section for each of the eight seasons.

When you’re finished with the orientation chapter, you can dive right into whichever season is closest on the calendar.

There’s no need to wait until any specific season to begin your journey.

Although some witches consider Halloween or Yule to be their “new year,” the Wheel Of The Year is a circle, and the best place for you to start is wherever you’re at!

The prompts will help you to feel grounded and at peace in whatever season of your life you’re in, and will help you observe your own needs, desires and patterns. This helps you to improve your self care routines each year going forward.

You can reuse these journal prompts as many times as you’d like. I like to print off a new set every year. It’s so interesting to observe how your answers to these prompts evolve over time! You’ll get to see how far you’ve come over the years, and what you’ve created in your life!

For a more in depth description of the nine sections of this program, see the pages for each of the seasonal mini courses below.

They contain the exact same content as this program but you get a better deal by bundling them all together here in this full version of the program!

There are 6-8 pages to each chapter, and you’ll have multiple printing options to suit your needs.

You can print in full color for an instantly gorgeous grimoire, or you can print in black and white to save on ink or decorate the pages yourself.

You’ll also get to choose whether to go for the full page 8.5″x11″ templates (perfect for a 3-ring binder) or you can use my 5.5″x8.5″ folded book templates.

There are 56 information and prompt pages with writing space in each template option. And then the 5.5″x8.5″ options also include extra writing pages. So overall, you get lifetime access to 336 different page layouts total.

Novembers Eve Samhain Junk Journal

Perhaps one year you’ll want to use the binder style sheets, and the next you’ll want to try the book template… Or maybe you’ll have fun mixing and matching between full color prints and the versions you can decorate yourself.

The possibilities are endless if you’re a junk journaling nerd like me. But if not, everything is designed to be super simple and accessable whether you’re crafty or not.

printable wheel of the year journal prompt pages large tan
Wheel Of The Year Information And Journal Prompts Small Black And White

In addition to the journaling adventure, I’m also giving you access to my entire library of content on how to work with what I like to call the “plant-tend-harvest-compst” cycle of manifestation.

This bonus material includes video and audio workshops on how to harness the energies of each season to cultivate a lifestyle that brings you joy and fulfillment.

Some of these workshops also include printable workbooks and information pages for your journal! Others are just there for fun and inspiration for each season.

Ready to begin your year and a day adventure today? Get instant access now!

Optional Community Discussion Space

Would you like to learn in community with me and other magickal mavens?

You’re also invited to join us for discussion on these and other prompts in our private members space.

*This is an optional add-on for members who choose to also join us on Patreon.

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I'm an artist and personal development guide. I'm the founder of The Writing Witch Shop and Alchemy Of Affluence Podcast. I inspire drifting dreamers and magickal mavens to use a unique combination of psychology practices and witchy wisdom to manifest their most fulfilling lifestyle through enchanting guided journaling adventures! By living in tune with the eight Seasons on the witch's calendar and balancing all areas of life through the wisdom of the five Elements, my goal is to help you empower yourself to live out your soul's most authentic expression. I believe that your biggest perceived weaknesses are actually your greatest super powers in disguise... And that magick is the power to write your own story. Your daydreams are a premonition of the reality you're meant to create when you step into your magick!