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Winter Solstice / Yule: Play, Rest and Reset

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Afura Outdoors In Winter

Is it time for a reset?

The Winter Solstice / Yule is the reset point for the Sun and Earth, so why not align ourselves with that energy of renewal?

Late December in the Northern Hemisphere or late June in the Southern Hemisphere are the shortest days and the longest nights of the year, and throughout time, humans all over the world have celebrated themes of rebirth at this time.

This season of celebrating light in the darkness is the perfect time to get closure on the year that’s ending, and to set intentions and create space for the new year to come.

Ready to harness the rejuvenating magick of renewal and reset your energy for a bright new year?

I invite you to join me for this fun guided journaling adventure!

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Winter Solstice Yule Journal Prompt Pages Large Color

6 Winter Solstice / Yule Themed Grimoire Pages To Rest, Refresh and Renew.

I’ve designed these pages to provide some simple, relatable information on what the energy of the Winter Solstice season is all about, and added my 4 favorite journal prompts for the season.


There’s also prompts to help you set intentions for the season and to connect with your personal experience of the season.

Winter Solstice Yule Journal Prompts Large Tan

The color versions are an “instant” option for a gorgeous looking grimoire, and the black and white option allows you to save on ink and have fun decorating the pages yourself.


Using your printable journal, you will learn how your personal development is perfectly aided by the natural rhythms of the Universe, and will be empowered to make confident decisions which embody your Ideal Self so you’re always making the most aligned life choices… effortlessly!

Wheel Of The Year Diagram Winter Solstice Yule

Winter Solstice / Yule History & Traditions

I’ve gathered all my favorite resources on the history and traditions of the season throughout time and across cultures, and compiled my take-aways into a video for you!

Afura With Candle In Winter

Winter Solstice / Yule Manifesting Tips

Since this time of year is so much about giving and recieving, I’ve created a helpful mini course for you on how to align the seasonal energy with your real life goals!

These extra journal prompts will help you to take stock of what you’ve manifested and put it to good use as you attract your ideal life to you!

Afura Meditating With Candles

Winter Solstice / Yule Guided Meditation

I’ve recorded a beautiful, relaxing and energizing guided meditation to help you align energetically with the powerful energy of the season.

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